What if we get so hung up on doing service for God that we forget to serve God? What if we’re asking Him to refresh our hearts and revive our souls instead of pouring out our effort and energy to serve Him? 

Service is falsely perceived in today’s pop culture. Which is really lame because a false perception of service can cripple a colture. (Yeah, that’s was a pun. But a very true one). We can’t move forward as individuals and, by consequence, a community if we misunderstand and therefore misdirect our service. 

It’s the difference between doing service for someone and doing service to someone. Where is the focus? What is the goal and aim? Who does our service benefit? When doing service for God, we place ourselves in the position of an employee and Him as the employer. But, when doing service to God we place ourselves in the position of manservants and womanservants; base and devoid of rights or any say in what we do.

The real point of controversy between the two lies in the fact that service for is constant voluntary choice to do what our Lord says, and service to is total surrender to what our Lord says. He will use us and work through us according to a His will when our service is to Him, but He can’t work through us if we think we call the shot, if we’re just employees.

Choose you this day, whom will you serve… and how you will serve.

As always, thanks for reading.

–the anonymous novelist

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