Even though my last post wasn’t a minute by minute and still had a one-word title, I think it might be easier for everyone involved if I gave all of my minute by minute posts shorter titles. Shorter post, shorter titles. Make sense to me.


What does it mean to be truly awake? Physical awakening can be compared to spiritual awakening. When we are spiritually asleep, or spiritually half awake, we feel it. It’s not just a saying that goes around, it’s a state of being. We’re lethargic about our attitude towards others and towards Christ, we don’t care what other people think about us, and we do whatever we want whenever we want. It’s selfishness at its best.

A mission trip to Uganda in 2016 was one of the spiritual high points of the last three years for me. Without question, I felt closer to God than I had in a very long time. I was awake spiritually, maybe not fully, but I was definitely awake. I hate to say it, but since then… as the earth changed its temperature from a blazing Summer heat to a fridgid Winter frost, my passion lost its… heat, its fire. I’m not the raging witness for Christ that I was. 

What does it take to stay awake? 

Sometimes we try to keep ourselves awake by splashing cold water on our face, drinking a caffeine to get a kick, or even slapping ourselves. Spiritually speaking, these are the equivalent of making ourselves read the Bible, going to more church services and getting more active in religious thing. But, that defeats the purpose. We’re awake in Christ, but we’re killing ourselves. Burning out our last stretches of energy to stay awake. We need to remember one thing: WE DIDN’T WAKE OURSELVES UP AND IT IS NOT OUR REAPONSIBILTY TO KEEP OURSELVES AWAKE!

We need to stop focusing on trying to keep ourselves awake and take some time to rest in God, the only one who can sustain us. So, my advice to you and me is that we stop trying to keep ourselves awake, and simply rest in God. But first, I need to wake up again.

As always, thanks for reading.

–the anonymous novelist


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