As I promised, I will be doing short, thought provocative, introspective blog posts… mildly infrequently starting now.

After spending an afternoon playing video games on my phone, watching my 11 month old nephew, and then later his twin older brothers as well, while simultaneously attempting to fit in a few chapters from my favorite author, JRR Tolkien, I get a grip on how much I really hate having to find inspiration.

Today was mostly about me getting a brain cool down. Not that I’ve done much with my brain recently, but I usually enter these kinds of stages directly before diving into some enourmous project where I will eventually burn out; that much is certain. So, in a surreal sense, today was about finding inspiration. Rather, turning off my mind to give it the opportunity to see inspiration. I really hate these kinds of days, because you get the overall feeling that you did… Well –, for lack of a better word: nothing. The day isn’t over yet, but I’m currently walking to a Kum&Go for a drink, and that’s when my mind usually awakens.

“Don’t expect to see some big obvious sign. Most of what I believe comes to me when it’s quiet.” –Lucas Friar (Girl Meets World)

That summarizes a lot of why I just go on walks randomly. I’m secretly an introvert, (well–, there goes the secret part), so I don’t get a lot of quiet. It’s times like these I really start thinking about things; most of what I believe, most of what I write, most of what you see of me and through me comes to me when it’s quiet.

It only takes a moment of silence to reconcile an eternity of noise.

As always, thanks for reading.

–the anonymous novelist


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