What is the goal of spam? What does it live for?
Spam is a virus, it attacks your email inbox and it almost never completely dies. The purpose of spam is to be seen, to be accepted, and to be clicked on. For this to happen, spam need to look like something that it isn’t, (which is anything interesting or important). In other words, the purpose of spam is to be a convincing enough lie that people will believe it.

Spam is successful if people don’t realize what it is at first. If it manages to get you to click on it. But why would we click on spam? We wouldn’t… unless we thought it was something else. Spam is an imitation game. To make the artificial look like the original so that it can lure you in. Spam is harmless as long as we recognize that it is spam. But, the moment we drop our guard and cease to pay attention to things, we may click on spam and then we’re caught. The power of spam is in it’s ability to deceive and then corrupt, and it is the best at what it does.

Watch out for imitations. Don’t be deceived. This is a dangerous game we play.

As always, thanks for reading.\

–the anonymous novelist

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