This is a post based off of two things that happen in my life within the past several months. The first is the release of the Reliant K album “Air For Free”. The album itself was not spectacular by music standards, but it restored my faith in a band who’s music I’d listened to growing up, (though I really only liked their acoustic songs).
I liked their message, but I didn’t like their method of portraying that message. “Air For Free” restored my faith in Reliant K; they produced an album that had the style to reach many people, and the same consistent message that they’ve brought for many years.
The second major thing that happened in my life was that on election day, after voting, I went to a gas station and was given a free 2-liter of Dr Pepper. It was a popular gas station around the Springfield area, actually all over Missouri and several other states as well called Kum&Go. Given that it was election day, that I was wearing a voting sticker, and that other businesses had been giving away free merchandise for people who voted, I assumed that was the reason I was being given the free Dr Pepper. However, I later discovered that it was a promotion the company was running. It was nothing I did that got me a free 2-liter other than the purchase of a drink, which I would’ve gotten anyway.
“Air For Free” is all about God giving us the vital life-force of our existence simply because He loves us. We can’t earn that, it is a gift from God. Dr Pepper for free is a lesson I learned: God can use anyone anytime to deliver His message. His free gift of air is unmerited, yet we need it to live physical lives. His free gift of salvation is undeserved, yet we need it to live evermore. Reliant K earned my trust and my faith in their music and ministry, Kum&Go showed me that even though humans can earn each other’s respect and faith, God gives us free gifts in spite of the fact that we only ever earned His wrath.

What did we ever do that would cause God to love us and give up His Son for us? 
My life is a strange thing, but I’m learning more each day of what God wants me to know. I’m learning things that change who I am and how I see the world. Even in the smallest things I find mirrors of eternal things. Dr Pepper for free.
As always, thanks for reading.
–the anonymous novelist

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