We are, all of us extremists. We are never precise and are constantly speaking hyperbole out of both sides of our mouths.

Everything in moderation has gone from an old adage to an ancient adage comparable to an old wive’s tale. 

Who are these old wives and why are we allowing them to govern our lives? 

We’ve reached the point in the existence of the human species where we no longer communicate. Those who do get criticized for this. Now, I’m generalizing; to this point everything I have said either sounded good or controversial, but I haven’t said anything of real substance to back up all of my rant and ramble. I don’t just attack the human species without any real merit or reason, there’s a purpose to this post.

I’d like to see a courtesy so common that it would be out of the ordinary to be appreciated for it. 

Not to say that opening a door for someone, surrendering your seat to someone else, buying the groceries of the person in front of you in the line at Walmart, or any line. Unnecessary gestures of generosity should be given without any return of thanks; but if such gestures were so common, if such a courtesy was so freely given that it would be strange to be thanked for it because it was such a common occurrence, this world would be an infinitely better place.

When did the collapse of common courtesy occur? 

When did human beings lose respect for each other to such an extent that they relegated being at peace and harmony with all men and extending the generosity and kindness to others to a weekend around a holiday in December? 

This may seem insignificant, with all of the blogs, and Facebook posts, and news reports about such major issues like the presidential debates, the struggles with terrorist groups, and massive tragedies occurring across the globe, and even more spiritual natured things about how the world is sin sick, major issues, salvation for the lost. In light of all of that this may seem like a minor issue to people. But is it really?

I propose that when we lost our thoughtfulness for others and what they had to say, and who they were we lost ourselves. The part of us that wasn’t looking upon our own matters our own desires once forgotten he played a major part in our current state of immorality. Because it isn’t about the stance of the two parties we have running for candidacy, so much as it is about the fact we’ve lost respect for each other to such an extent that there is to completely opposed to parties because neither will listen to the side of the other. We’re standing against each other rather than beside each other because we don’t respect what the other person has to say.

It started with the loss of common courtesy, when people became so independent, so opinionated, and so aggravated with others for trying to be kind. When feminists took a small matter such as opening a door for someone and pronounced vile judgments upon that person for their extension of what should be a common courtesy to them the first nail was driven into the coffin for common curtesy.

This world needs to lighten up and brush the chips off each other’s shoulders. Take off our opinionated shirts and make a genuine effort to understand one another. I want this to be my goal. Common curtesy is not so common anymore, but perhaps it’s time it made a comeback.

As always, thanks for reading.

–the anonymous novelist

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