You may have noticed that I didn’t post yesterday. At least, I hope some of you noticed; that would mean I’m doing my job. That lack of post was largely due to a prioritizing of my time. I realized that there were more important things yesterday that I needed to do rather than pull myself away from them to blog.
I didn’t have anything prepared, I didn’t have anything on my mind, the content wouldn’t of been as good as I could make it, and it would’ve been letting you down and everyone else who depended on me to be there yesterday. In other words, be looking for exciting new things from me on Facebook as a result of me taking a break from the blog. Also, bear with me as best you can through these times where I’m attempting to get the most accomplished that I possibly can with every minute that I have.

I’m afraid I religiously scheduled, daily blog is going to have to be something of the past from now on. There just isn’t a feasible way for me to fit this thing into my schedule on a daily basis; and if you remember correctly that is one of the main things I hope to gain out of this blog. If by this point I was still able to block consistently every day and my content was still amazing that would be something wrong with the rest of my life. Especially considering the fact that this blog doesn’t make me money, so really I’m doing all of this for no physical profit. So I kind of expected this, hoped it would happen, and now it’s here. I’m doing so many other things, including many other writing things that this is going to have to move to a side position. Take a side seat to whatever else I’m doing, and that’s not a bad thing.

It may be this way in the future, but I hope you stay with me through it. This is the difficult part of being a writer.

As always, thanks for reading.

–the anonymous novelist 


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