Many of you who are consumers of Christian media, whether it be movies, audio dramas, or books may not be familiar with Torry’s name. But, everyone behind the scenes is. Torry is a published author, accredited actor and scriptwriter, and the long standing writer for Focus on the Family’s radio drama series, “Adventures in Odyssey”. Torry is one of the funniest guys I’ve ever had the pleasure to be around, and if you’ve ever met him, you’d say the same.

Torry has a very unique story and possibly an even more unique career. He has worked on anything and everything throughout the years, recently starring in the Hallmark film “The Ultimate Life”. He has published a book about his life titled “Of Moose and Men”, that tells of when he lived in Alaska after a breif career as a stand-up comic. This man is hilarious, he is genuine, and he has a great heart for God and for people.

I’d wanted to introduce you to Torry for a long time, but it never seemed to work out with both our schedules to formally do an interview. However, that’s changed and here is my interview with Torry Martin!


So Torry, you’re a jack-of-all-trades in the world of Christian art. From acting in films and writing films, to writing books and characters for popular audio dramas, to speaking at live events: you’ve done it all. You’ve traveled all over the world and lived in many different places, but where did it all start? How did your life as it is now come to be? Or how did you get where you are today?


That is such a long story! I first started writing when I was living in a remote cabin in Alaska- how that turned into my writing for “Adventures in Odyssey”, writing screenplays, and acting is best told in my book “Of Moose and Men”. That’s where you can get all the details and have a few laughs along the way. I’m working on the sequel to it now.


Okay, so the book. That’s something exciting for you. After writing so many scripts and things for and about other people, was it different, perhaps even strange to write about yourself?

Thankfully I had the brilliant Doug Peterson as my co-writer, which made the whole process of paring down my story much easier. We had a lot of fun doing it and the whole process was enjoyable. We’d Skype and do interviews with some of the people like My Pastor, Jack Aiken and his wife Ann, or Larry and Dean Lauer. Rob had to do a couple interviews too and it was pretty humorous to hear his perspective on some of the stories.
It was a lot like journalism which is something I’ve always enjoyed. The trickiest part though was determining how much I wanted to share and how vulnerable or transparent I wanted to be. 

I know from first-hand experience that this is a difficult thing to come to terms with. On one hand you want others to know your story, on the other, you don’t want to be an open book, (pun intended). There is also a vanity and an anxiety about what the reader will think.

 You always feel like the audience will stand in judgement of you and that’s scary.

–Torry Martin

Knowing that what was true about myself was also true about Torry, I wanted to know how he dealt with it. So, I just asked him about it; here’s what he had to say:


There’s something freeing about revealing your flaws. It caused me to lose sleep a few nights from worrying that I had shared too much. But in the end- I decided to throw caution to the wind and share what God has done in my life without holding back. Once you put your life in His hands you get rid of the worry and just enjoy the ride.

That’s a truth we would all do well to hear more often. Your book has been getting significant traction as well. I saw that you had the opportunity to appear on TBN and were able to share about the project. Tell me a little bit about that.

I had a great time with Jason Crabb and Point of Grace. They were really a pleasure to spend time with. I enjoyed hearing Chris Maxwell’s story too. Great testimony! It airs Oct 7. It’s a very funny interview and the music was incredible. It was a special night for sure.

Speaking of October, also in that month is the release of a movie from the Vetter brothers, “The Matchbreaker”, in which you have an acting role. Now, I watched the trailer on Facebook and loved it. This is going to be a great film! Can you tell me a little bit about the character you play? Without giving anything away of course.


“The Matchbreaker” was written by Marshal Younger and I. We had a great time writing it! I play Tully the landlord. It was fun to write the role and then play it afterwards. Also, I’m a huge fan of the Vetter Brothers. I love those guys!

Okay, so now that you know a little bit about Torry, his life and his heart, I’d like to have a little fun with this interview. I did this segment in my interview/BTS review of the film “Wanted” by Nathan Jacobson. You can read that here.


In this segment I will ask five questions that you must and answer in the quickest time possible with the shortest answers possible. Ready? 3-2-1, go!

  1. If you had to describe yourself in 5 words, what would they be?
  2. What color would you describe your personality as being?
  3. If a vegetarian eats another vegetarian, is it cannibalism?
  4. Without looking it up, who was the fifth president of the United States?
  5. Should Sour Cream have an expiration date?


  1. Misfit
  2. Orange
  3. Yes
  4. Sonny Bono
  5. Yes


What if one of the vegetarians was a rabbit?


You make my brain hurt.

It was fun; I hope you enjoyed learning a little bit about Torry Martin. Be sure to check him out on his facebook page: @TorryMartinComedy. Watch the trailer for “The Matchbreaker”

Be looking for his special on TBN on October 7 and purchase your copy of Torry’s book, “Of Moose and Men!

As always, thanks for reading.

–the anonymous novelist

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