Yeah, so there is a running trend of random nature photos headlining posts that have nothing to do with them… anyway.

Comtradictory Opening Quote:

It is more important to a writer that they are writing then it is what they write about.

Preposterous! Such a claim is unfounded and uneducated! You can’t make a blanket statement about our writers; you aren’t God you don’t know everything!
I know, I’m not God. And no, I don’t know everything; but I do know this: the kind of content you create doesn’t make you a writer. 

Seemingly Unequivocal Comparison:

I am no more a writer because I write well then I am a lion because I enjoy eating meat. 

Sure, I get that it appears to be an unequivocal comparison to you, but that’s only because you still don’t know from where I’m coming.

First thing!

Who you are is not defined by what you do, but rather what you do is a result of who you are. 

In religious terms you might hear the phrase “A dog is not a dog because he barks, he barks because he is a dog”.

The dog does what it does because it is what it is. That’s the formula for everything, actions result of nature, nature isn’t defined by actions. Cause and effect never starts with effect. 

As a writer I write. That is an action based upon my nature as a writer. Were I to cease writing I would no longer be a writer. The word “writer” is indicative of ongoing action. A writer writes, when I fail to write I am not a writer. Thus, it is important to me as a writer that I actively write; simply for the sake of not losing that part of who I am.

Second thing!

The content you create is influenced by your state of being. Often a writer cannot choose or control what it is he/she will write about because their content is dictated by their mood. Therefore, your content is both the best and worst parts of you. Also, being that the quality of content is dependent upon the attitude in which it was written, the writer often struggles to produce high-quality content despite the circumstances.

In such temperamental states of mood and emotion, writers prioritize the ability to write content over the acceptability of the content. It’s more important to the rider that they can write, and that they are producing words then it is how significant those words are. Sometimes the greatest encouragement to a writer is a consistent production of content regardless of the quality. If I can write, if I can consistently and continually write, eventually I will write something worth reading.


So, it’s important to a writer to be able to write. The quality comes as a result of inspiration to a certain theme: writing with a purpose. But if I have all purpose and no ability to write regardless of my content, then I can’t relate what I want to. It’s more important to me that I can write regardless of if my content is good or bad then it is what kind of content I am producing. But I can’t filter what I don’t produce. So, upon this principle it is more important to a writer to have the ability to write then it is what they are writing.

As always, thanks for reading.

–the anonymous novelist

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