As a writer, I constantly ask myself: do my words make a difference? Sometimes it spawns of a discouragement that comes from a pack of response to my writing efforts and attempts to push myself and promote some of my favorite content. Sometimes it’s just a nagging question that keeps me from feeling as confident as I should.
This is a problem we all face at sometime, the question of if we are making an impact or affecting anyone… it’s difficult to want to make a difference, yet not see the desired results of your efforts ever come to pass. I realize we all want to make some kind of a difference in everything we do, it’s a problem we all face; well, I wouldn’t call it a problem, perhaps a concern or care. We want to make a difference, and often it stems out of pride, we want to be important. We want our words to be significant and powerful so that people will respect and revere us as wise and important individuals.

I’m not saying it’s wring to want to become those things, but that shouldn’t be the drive behind our actions. We should do everything to the glory of God. I know it can be hard to continually pour yourself into your work and not see results. But appreciation and consideration for your work should not be the reason you write.

How do you make a difference with your writing?

Don’t give up on it. The first thing is you need to do is to produce good and helpful content. Make your words count and don’t stop trying to teach, help, and encourage others. The important thing to know is that everyone is the same. We all feel the same things, we all have the same nature, and so we can all learn some things from each other.

The biggest thing is, if you really want to make a difference with your writing, let God give you the ideas.

As always, thanks for reading.

the anonymous novelist


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