This is a touchy subject because writing is infamous as the step-child of jobs. The forgotten, the least favorite, under appreciated vocation on the block. It’s true even today that writing is not a gig that pays well. With no exceptions, you can either make it at writing or you can’t. There isn’t a point in the middle where you can live comfortably off of your writing. You’re either rich, or you’re a starving artist.

However, contrarily to how the opening paragraph may have intimated the topic of this post would be, I’m going to talk about how to become rich from writing by not trying to make money.


First things second, where are some places you can make money from writing? The top three on my list are ones that have been successful for others, but not technically me… yet.

  1. Fiverr is a site where people off services for a starting price of 5 dollars, (hence the name), however, the price is adjustable in proportion to the service
  2. Steemit is a site for bloggers. It’s currently a beta platform test group for a new universal currency called Steem. Getting your posts “upvoted” results in Steem which can be exchanged for money or converted top Steem power.
  3. Blogsite is your own personal, hosted site for your blog. This requires you to own the domain name, and host the site itself on the web. There are several methods for making money through a blogsite:
  • Affiliate Marketing- advertising a product and getting a percent of the sales through your link.
  • Ad Services- posting ads to your site and getting paid per click on the ads or per engagement with the advertised product/service.
  • Sponsored Posts- find someone who wants you to write something: an endorsement, review, article, and they will pay you to write it.

Why You Shouldn’t Try To Make Money Blogging:

Now that you know a few easy ways to make money writing, but specifically writing blogs, let me tell you why you shouldn’t try to make money blogging.

  1. It’s discouraging. The payouts are often so small, even non-existent that when we validate our writing by the revenue we make from it, we will get discouraged.
  2. It’s a benefit, not an intention. Money from blogging is not something we should expect. I know, I’ve never gotten any. It’s as difficult as creating a viral video: we can come close, but we always seem to miss that perfect idea at the perfect time.
  3. It’s wrong. A blog is a chance for a writer to influence an audience with his/her words. It is a means of transporting a message. To prioritize money above that is robbery and deceit.

I’m not saying writers shouldn’t make money, I’m saying that should be the reason they write. My first published book came out this year and has been successful beyond what I expected, however, it isn’t what I wanted to write about. It’s not my preferred genre or style. However, it is making money, but that’s not why I wrote it. I honestly had no idea to whom it would appeal and if it would be profitable, but I wrote it because the story had something to say.

Don’t blog for but rather for your readers. If you make money along the way, that’s an added bonus. But your job as a blogger is to provide valuable and interesting content to your readers. Your job as a writer is to influence as many people as you can with your message.

As always, thanks for reading.

the anonymous novelist

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