Football season starts tonight, this is the first day of the year. I can predict something right now about most of the players: they will miss the reward by not diving. Diving in football is scary, it puts you in a vulnerable position. You’re sacrificing your safety for the sake of a few more feet on the field. Most often players dive into endzones for the winning yard. That final leap is one of victory and most of the time they dive because no one is around and they know the dive won’t cost them the play.Because diving is a risk, many players won’t take the chance to get a first down or just an extra foot or two. But, think of how many games would have a different outcome if players were not afraid to dive, to fight for that last surge of energy and win the extra yardage. What if every player was willing to dive in? Well, there would be a lot more injuries for one thing.
Diving is an unprotected position and it’s very easy to get injured while diving. I say all of that to pose a question: what if every Christian was unafraid to dive? To throw ourselves into the work of God, into the storms, into the world to save just one more soul. The reward will always be worth the risk and the pain, but God is our protection. He doesn’t want to see us hurt when we take chances for His kingdom work. When a Christian dives into a field where Christ has called them to be, they don’t have to worry about injuries because God is blocking for them.
Think of how different this world would be if Christians were unafraid to dive in. It’s a simple message and a short one, but it’s the truth and we need more of that in the world today. Even football can teach us something about life.
As always, thanks for reading.
–the anonymous novelist

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