My house shall be called a house of prayer!!! Says the lord!!!
–posted to Facebook by Jordan Varboncoeur

This was incredible for me, something I had never thought about before; and it’s been a while since I’ve got inspiration for many social media network. However, we are returning with that theme. Once upon a time it was Instagram and occasionally a thought I, myself would post to Twitter that would set me on an inspiring idea for a blog post; however, this time it’s Facebook. To make things even more interesting, the inspiration came from someone I’ve only known since last Sunday. How could someone I’ve only known for three days change my mindset in such a way that it would inspire me to share with all of you? Well, here it is:

You are the house of the Lord.

Mike drop. What else do I need to say? In light of what was just said in that verse, that God’s house shall be called the house of prayer, you are the habitation of the Holy Spirit. Your body, your soul is God’s house now. Let me tell you a little story to bring this into perspective:

Once upon a time there was a majestic, all-powerful, immense and intense creator: God. He dwelt wherever He wanted to because all of infinity was His. Then He created. He formed an image of Himself set to wander upon an earth He formed. In the beginning, He dwelt with His image in a garden. He wandered there, talked and walked with His glorious creation. But the image of God, Man separated himself from God. The Creator could no longer dwell with His creation.

Out of the seed of that image came a people whom the Lord chose unto Himself. Longing to dwell among His glorious creation once more, God commanded the building of a tabernacle, a place of habitation for His Holy Spirit to dwell among them. As civilization began to mature, the wandering seed of the image bearers settled in a land given to them by God Himself. They built cities for themselves and dwellings, but God had no place to stay. So, through the mighty kings of the nation now called Israel He built Himself a temple, a house for a Holy God.

The world has moved on, the nation forgot about God. The image bearers of the Creator were overthrown, enslaved, and the temple forgotten. But God still longed to live with them and among them, they could not come to Him, so He had to come to them. Jesus, the Son of God came to earth to restore the broken bond between Man and God. By a sacrifice, remitting the debt of blood owed by all mankind, Jesus Christ ripped the veil of the temple, and God moved out. But the message He preached, and the message His disciples preached from then on was that now, the body of Man was the temple of the Holy Spirit. God no longer lived in houses built by men but in housings built by God: the bodies of mankind.

If fantasy got one thing right it was the art of possession. The early fantasy stories are we’re about aliens who would come and possess living beings, controlling their bodies. That concept was meant to horrify, that concept was meant to frighten, that concept was stolen from God Himself. A Holy God wants to live inside of you, He wants to possess you. You are the habitation of the Holy Spirit if you have accepted Christ into your life. Your body is the house of God.

And God says, “My house shall be called a house of prayer”. If we do as we are instructed in scripture, to pray without ceasing, then God’s house, our lives, will become a house of prayer. Thanks for the inspiration Jordan.

As always, thanks for reading.

the anonymous novelist

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