The Breakroom Breakdown

Myself and my younger brother Zach are beginning a sportscast/commentary for the duration of football season on Facebook called the Breakroom Breakdown. This show will have nothing to do with spiritual things at all and will simply be something fun we do to try and draw a different demographic to view our lives and ministry. It’s an outreach in a way, but primarily it is just fun football talk.

Over the course of the series we will have a spot on the show called “Worst Plays of the Week” where both of us will present our favorite worst play of the week and have you vote on which worst play was the best worst play of the week. There will be a punishment for the person who gets the least amount of votes so be sure to keep up with the show.

The first episode of this series will go up on Tuesday: tomorrow and you can find it on our page The Breakroom Breakdown. So, if you’re into football, fantasy football, news, or just a few minutes of fun once a week. Check out the page, give us a like. It’d be great to see this go places and become a large platform for us to draw people through sports to the other parts of who we are as Christians and ministers. Anything can be a witness.

As always, thanks for reading.

–the anonymous novelist


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