Well, it didn’t work. The logical question to follow is “what didn’t work?”. Well, ironically not working didn’t work.

Slow down! Explain yourself!

So, as I’m sure anyone who’s been keeping up with my blog has noticed, I haven’t really been posting much lately. Not that I haven’t been posting, I just haven’t been posting anything worth reading. Now, I have to say that within context; I’ve been posting a lot of scripture and I would never say that scripture is not worth reading. However, the quality of my writing has been kindergarten-ish.

What? Define kindergarten-ish.

OK, so here’s the basics: I told myself that I needed to slow down from life. What was life? Good question. Life for me consisted of blogging, social networking, and just generally existing as someone who lives in a bus full-time happens to do.

So, to break up the routine, I took a sabbatical from blogging… to an extent. I didn’t stop blogging, which may or may not of been a major mistake, but what I did blog was… I don’t know a better way to say it: dull. Sure it was the Bible, but why go to a blog to just read the Bible when you could read the Bible anywhere else and actually get something from it; not because my version is different than yours, but because you intended to read the Bible when you went there. Most people don’t expect to just be reading scripture when they click enter to go to theanonymousnovelist.com, so they aren’t prepared to receive it or study it in a way that would be beneficial to them.

Thus, in summary, it didn’t work. Not only for you, but for me as well.

How do you figure? What went wrong?

Well, here it is: I thought that if I backed away from life and slowed it down to focus on God and more important things that I would find my purpose for living… which, to this day remains a veiled mystery by the will of God.

It didn’t work. Maybe the fact that I didn’t find purpose, my life grew more distracted and my brain more disjointed, and my blog suffered as did my commitment to producing quality content, was all to tell me that my purpose is what I’m doing now: at least for the moment. I guess I’m supposed to be here, doing this, right now. So, enough playing around and trying to figure things out. Maybe it’s time to just trust and see where that leads.

As always, thanks for reading.

–the anonymous novelist

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