I’ve been plowing ahead altogether too quickly since my return from Uganda. That’s dangerous. Though it has been a month since we landed back home on US soil, it’s still very needful to come into regular life at a much decelerated pace. If we hit life head-on with all the steam we built up overseas, we’ll crash ourselves upon it and fall broken.

I need to slow down and let Africa sink in and change me. I don’t want to forget or lose how I felt. This blog has become something to fill up my hours of productivity… that’s wrong. It’s become something I have to do… that’s wrong. I’ve been writing posts the night before to be able to post them in the mornings and I’m done with all of that.

I’m taking a break from life outside of new life. Whatever was normal, whatever was expected, whatever was natural before is getting cut out. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, blogging just for the sake of it all; all of that is going away for now in order for me to refocus and slow down. 

Every morning after my Bible reading, I’ll post my thoughts briefly, but that will be the extent of my blogging for a time. I hope this helps me to get to where I need to be… I hope it helps you in some way as you read. 

As always, thanks for reading.

–the anonymous novelist

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