Target, one of the larger department store names, in the earlier months of 2016 made the store a war zone by stating that bathrooms in their stores were now gender neutral zones: seeking to gain the economy of transgender individuals and the publicity such actions pertaining to the group tend to bring. When this became public knowledge and the reps from Target: the CEO, several of the lawyers​, and company officials deliver statements to the news and mass market media about this new store policy. In retaliation many Christians acted brash and foolishly, immediately taking physical action to protest in the stores; however, the more conservative minded Christians sought out protest in the form of a boycott and signed petition. Seemingly pittance, yet over 1 million people joined this protest. 

Despite all of this going on, the managers of Target stores remained resolute in their choice of policy and ignored the fact that it infringed upon the rights, privacy, and protection of others. I’d better stop myself before I offend someone or something.

Be advised, I may step on a soapbox involuntarily somewhere over the course of this post and it won’t be pretty.

Target wouldn’t give in, they felt the protests would blow over in time and even in the face of the declining value of their stocks, they stood by their policy. Until about a week ago. Either they had enough, or that they realized this wasn’t going away, or as the Bible says, God will not allow the ungodly to prosper forever, but Target has bent on their stance.
In an effort to appease all involved, the corporation of Target decided to create a single, private bathroom for all of the “its”. People who couldn’t make up their minds if they were male or female, therefore they had no label other than “it”. However, they didn’t recant their statements. They didn’t reverse their beliefs. There is no visible sign of remorse in any other concern than finances. This is a victory for Christians and American. Our rights have been restored and the protection of our mothers and sisters has been restored. Boundaries have been raised once more; and it should encourage us that taking action against injustice does profit and in fact work.
But this is not the end of it. The primary reason for boycotting Target was found in the immorality of the business owners who ran the company and their decisions. It wasn’t just about protecting women from perverts, molesters, and mentally unstable man seeking only pleasure and sinful desires. That was a HUGE part of it, and that was a result of the decisions made by those in authority in the Target corporation. But all these recent statements, and these new policies do for me is paint more targets on peoples’ heads. 

Because Target as a corporation still holds their personal beliefs, the manifestation of them in store policies has simply become more conservative to smoke screen us out of our boycotts and speaking out against them! They don’t apologize! They say that they’ve dealt with those who made these policies “on behalf of the corporation”, but how much can you trust?

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