Everybody talks about getting their 15 minutes of fame. We all want to be noticed to some extent, and even feel we are entitled to one time in our lives when we get that longed for success and fame. 15 minutes of fame doesn’t seem like all that much in comparison to a lifetime of trying to earn it. Yet, many people validate their existence by the appreciation and applause they receive from others. There are many people dependent on the praise of mortal humans for their acceptance and belonging. It’s not like that with God, and today will be a short thought; because today we are talking about 15 seconds of Sunday.In contrast to 15 minutes of fame, 15 seconds of Sunday is something we need. And the 15 minutes of fame is an idea that stems from the concept that if I only get 15 minutes of fame in my lifetime that is all I’m entitled to and that is all that I need to validate myself. However, God doesn’t need 15 minutes. He doesn’t even need 15 seconds: but you do. Envision in your mind everything that Sunday is for you and everything it should be. If 15 seconds is all that you get of that perfect Sunday, would it be enough to validate your Christian existence? Would you be satisfied?

Like 15 minutes of fame doesn’t satisfy the ego and pride of the world, 15 seconds of Sunday shouldn’t satisfy the passion for God that Christians need to have. Sunday is the Christian equivalent to the highest points in worldly culture. It is our fame and glory for in that day we become movie stars of praise in the eyes of God. We are famous, popular, and wanted in the eyes of God because on Sunday, when we worship, when two or three gather together, we are glorified by the presence of the Holy Spirit among us. 15 seconds of Sunday may be the only fame we are entitled to… but will we be satisfied? 

What’s more important? Our 15 minutes of fame or 15 seconds of Sunday? Where do you find your self worth, your sense of importance? If you don’t get that from Sunday, from church, from fellowship with believers, worship, and preaching if the Word, then perhaps you cling to tightly to the things of earth. What is most important to you? What God think of you, or what you think of you? 

Others don’t factor into the situation. It’s between your pride and vanity and God’s love for you in spite of yourself. What’s more important to you: 15 minutes or 15 seconds? Would you prize 15 seconds in the presence of God over the wealth of the entire world? Is almost too much to say no to. But, how do you live God? 

God wants followers who hate this world’s riches and desire His glory as their prize. Even if we only get 15 seconds of Sunday, are we satisfied with Christ?

As always, thanks for reading.

–the anonymous novelist 

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