I love this. The question is itself a paradigm, a conflict, and ignorance. Why? Why would I say that? Is it true? Here’s something I posted to Facebook yesterday on the subject:

To ask “Where did God come from?” Is uneducated. To admit that God exists eliminates the question of where He came from. He is God. He is outside of physical existence, time, space, matter: they were made to be triune like God is, therefore He existed before them. He is God, He did not come from, He is that He is.

God has always been. By definition, God is not comprehensible or explanatory because He exists outside of the physical boundaries of the human mind. The question “Where did God come from?” is ridiculous and here is why. The first word “where” indicates distance, therefore space. The next key word is “come“, this indicates action and time. Finally, “from” indicates matter and position. It implies God exists somewhere physical: Heaven? Well, is Heaven a physical place or spiritual?

Is the universe we live in even a physical place, or is life on earth an imagination existing in the mind of God. What a thought… What a terribly hopeless thought…

The one word that defines and classifies this popular atheistic question as stupid is the word “God”. To ask where God came from is to accept that at least the idea of Him does exist. Then, based upon the acceptance of the theory of God’s existence, referring to the Christian God, you must naturally assume that they realize who God is. If someone asks you “Where did God come from?” they already know the answer. To know about God is to know that He did not come from, but rather He defies where, come, and from: space, time, and matter. God is above all, (apart from it), in all, (a part of it), and through all, (a partner with it). The universe was patterned after His identity thus it is transcended by Him. The universe magnifies His glory through its existence and His transgression of existence. 

God is; not was, not will be. He always is. Active and outside of time both past and present for He exists in all times at all times. He is that He is. He is because He is. Are you comforted knowing the size of your Creator’s power and the depth of His complexity? Or are you frightened at the thought of such a terrible, majestic God? The fear of the Lord is the beginning of both knowledge and wisdom. I think any steps we take towards trying to fathom the size of our God should serve the purpose of increasing our fear and enlarging our praise of Him, in that order.

Where did God come from? 

Yes and no. He is, therefore He came from everywhere at once and also from nowhere. The best answer is: He is God.

As always, thanks for reading.

–the anonymous novelist

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