Starting at 9:30 last night my phone kept receiving notifications of people I knew on Facebook that marked themselves as safe through the floods that are rampant down in Louisiana. I have family down that way who have lost much through the flooding. The news said that 20k homes have been lost to the flooding and I can only imagine the masses of people who find themselves in the most difficult struggle they’ve had to face since Hurricane Katrina hit that area: homeless, hungry, seeking shelter and refuge, food and clothing from strangers, having lost their possessions their livelihood. However, many of them have not lost it all, they are alive and their family is alive and safe.Facebook’s feature that allows people to make you aware of their safety or danger is a useful feature, perhaps the only practical feature the site has. But, life has one of those types of features for humans going through storms of our own. You don’t need to be on social media to notice when someone is going through something; sometimes it’s visible, sometimes you can just feel it. But, we can tell when people have survived the floods with just the clothes on their back, or when they were safe through the flood. We just have to open our eyes and hearts to be aware of others around us rather than ourselves.

To make a difference, we need to notice the world around us who barely made it through the flood, and those who are still in the flood. Only through the eyes of faith can we see what people truly feel inside and use that to help encourage them and love them through their problems. God is the only one who knows us and yet loves us for what we are, only He can see what we are feeling. It is only by Him and through Him that we can help anyone.

What does that mean to us? It means first of all that we need to realize the floods around us. There are catastrophes ripping apart people’s lives every second of every day, but do we notice them? We need to realize the floods around us. The second thing we need to do is be aware of those in need. We can know there is a need, but not realize whom the need involves or how deeply people are hurting. Thirdly, we need to be willing to sacrifice. To those who are destitute, suddenly poor and in need of physical aid, such were those Christ came to minister unto and sacrifice Himself for. We should do the same.

Not to the same extent. Don’t go out and die for someone who is hurting, it won’t avail anything. But be willing to give of yourself, sacrifice your time, resources, perhaps even your homes, food, clothes, and such. We, as the body of Christ have a responsibility to show His love and compassion to the world. We were made to help people come out safe through the flooding. That word of encouragement, that act of kindness that helps them get through: that is our purpose. It’s easy to live comfortably while others are suffering, but that doesn’t make it right. This isn’t just about the Louisiana flooding, this is about life. There are so many hardship and struggles happening in the lives of people right next to you even now. How can you help? 
As always, thanks for reading.
–the anonymous novelist

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