Several months ago, I started a group on Facebook called the:

Bible Book Club

The idea was that a group of people, (so far only guys), would meet together, choose a passage of scripture to read and study, and then talk about it every Thursday. Essentially it’s a book club where we study the Bible and don’t follow any particular pattern or plan. The choice of passage is based exclusively upon how the Spirit leads, (so that’s where the title comes in).

Well, I was in Africa for two weeks, blogging daily on two separate sites and doing massive amounts of ministry. Somewhere in the midst of that this book club got left by the wayside.

No more! 

We’re bringing the Bible days back! This week, on Sunday the Book Club will choose a passage of scripture to saturate our minds and indwell our hearts. We will then meet on Thursday to discuss what we’ve studied and learned. Thursday morning, I’ll host an informal Bible Study here with my thoughts on the passage and I’d love to hear yours. So, this is my plan.

Everyone Listen to Me!

I want you to be a part of the Book Club! Today, we’re choosing a passage to study, I’d love for you to help choose that passage, comment with something that has spoken to you or something God has placed upon your heart to share. Then, study with us and join the conversation! If not on Facebook, then here on the blog every Thursday. Comments are always welcome, your ideas are important.

As always, thanks for reading, and happy Sunday!

–the anonymous novelist

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