I’m sitting in Arby’s getting a lot of work done on some various personal projects, writing some letters to people. But the Arby’s here in Allen Park, Michigan, which is basically Detroit, they play country radio stations. There was a song played that was sung by a woman and the catch line was, “There’s got to be something more”. The song was about searching for something more in this life. I wanted to scream at the person “There is something more! There is Jesus!”. If the woman was in front of me right now, I would share the gospel with such passion to her because I can relate to where she is right now. I believe that country music singers write all of their songs from the heart, even if they come from the wrong perspective, it’s a no holds barred, whatever I feel I write kind of a genre. I both admire that while at the same time feel that there are certain things that humans feel that we probably shouldn’t say. But this woman is honest, the song was from her heart, hearing it laid such a burden on my heart for this woman specifically, and for every searching soul that cries out: “There’s got to be something more!”.
There’s a difference between knowing that there’s a need for Christ, and hearing people beg and plead for you to tell them about Christ. That’s what I was hearing, that should be a convicting, compelling, call to the Christians to stand and proclaim Christ. But not in a way that would make these people feel like they’re wrong for what they’re doing. It’s God’s job to convict them that they are wrong, it’s our job to tell them about God and Christ’s sacrifice on the cross for everything that they ever did that was wrong. 

I don’t care if you judge, as long as your judgment stays within your heart and doesn’t pass through your lips. It’s all right for Christians to judge, it’s human for Christians to judge, because we will be judged. The Bible says judge not lest ye be judged, but we already know that we will be judged by God the father. So our judging other people on earth is only a taste of what God will judge us by. We judge others by their faults, God will judge us by our humanity, the greatest fault.

By judging others we can assess that they are sinners and that they need Christ. Keep the judgments to yourself, and use the judgments you made to then witness to their situation where they’re standing, realize that they are a sinner just as you were once, realize that they will be offended by you attacking their sin. Let God convicted, just introduce Him to them. There is a lost and dying world begging for you to tell them about Christ. What are you going to do about it?

As always, thanks for reading.

–the anonymous novelist

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