Life should have a like button. Why?
Because a like button is something we put on our work in the cyber realms that gives people a chance to show they appreciate it or agree with it. A “like” is the second greatest form of encouragement you can receive as a blogger or social media artist. The most encouraging response you can receive is a comment. The difference here being that a like means the viewer agreed with, or appreciated the message you posted. A comment means that they have something they want you to hear, and they respect and value your opinions enough to share it with you. 

A comment shows a sense of trust in the person you leave it with, for you believe they won’t take topic with you for slander or defacing. You trust them with your words and your thoughts. Life has a comment section, it’s called text messaging, or even verbal communication. Therefore, our most sincere form of appreciation and respect for each other is something we can use every day: a comment. However, there are no like buttons for life. This makes it extremely difficult for us to just give someone a pat on the back so to speak. I think it be great if they were like buttons for things we do every day. If every action done, if every sentence spoken had a like button, that would allow others around us to encourage us so much easier and with so much more convenience.

And there’s the rub. If you haven’t noticed yet, I just set you up. I set us all up really. Because life does have like buttons. The things we do for others, the inaudible actions, like actual pats on the back, handshakes, hugs, and applause, all the little things we do that say we appreciate what someone else has said or done, those are equivalent to like buttons. But, is that really what we want to be doing? Do you really want to reduce our encouragement to something passing that may not mean that much to anyone. 

Applause is become something so characteristically expected by everyone who is an artist. Anyone who puts on any kind of a performance feels that they merit applause. A handshake is a formal greeting, it means we respect and welcome that person into our life. All the little things have significant meanings, but they have been reduced to passing symbols and culturally expected responses.

So what’s left? 

Well, there’s always the comment section. For anything worthwhile, for anyone worthwhile, there’s this thing we do that generally consists of us opening our minds and hearts and expressing our feelings: these are called comments. Sometimes there are left in text messages, sometimes sent through mail or email, on occasion they’re spoken face-to-face. But these are how we show we appreciate one another, this is our greatest form of encouragement for one another’s work. And this is where I live and exist. Why? Because comments are all about words. Words have always been the most interesting thing to me and a large part of my life. I love words. With a single word, I believe I can paint 1000 pictures. 

But words mean something to me, and to a degree they mean something very deeply to every person on earth. Now within context, it does often matter which words they are and to whom they are  spoken. Also, to a degree it matters from whom they are spoken, and in what tone. But our comments make a difference. Life should have a like button. Life does have like buttons. If we truly care about people, what they have to say, what they have to do, we’ll leave them a comment of some kind.

Now, in all fairness and honesty, this post was inspired by the fact that I did just get my like buttons up and running on my blog. For a while, since the transfer from my .wordpress site to this one, they got lost in the translation. However, they are back! Though I will say, leave me a comment, and definitely like this post; I will also say so much more than that, don’t let our comments and likes be confined to social media in an electronic world. Comments are personal and should be given personally, they mean so much more that way. I think I’m going to start living like life has a like button.

As always, thanks for reading.

–the anonymous novelist

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