Last night, the night of the 22nd which was last night for me, I sat up in the room that I share with Wes Yarber and my younger brother Zach. Wes is a true musician, I am very little more than a vocalist, Zach has a good sense of rhythm and we jammed in the room last night. They’re relatively soundproof from room to room, but what gets done in the hallway carries over through the walls, and what gets done in the rooms generally carries over into the hallway to a degree. However, we didn’t get any complaints, so either no one heard it or we were just not awful enough that they would get out of their beds and come to tell us about it.

Wes brought his guitar, I brought my voice as I always do, and we sang some songs that I had written; but he found a beat and a cord structure he liked, and I wrote a song on the spot. It was just a pleasant time of fellowship and being together as brothers in Christ. It’s kind of how we unwind.

I know I didn’t post yesterday. We get back to the hotel around 7 o’clock and have dinner, then seven or eight of us fight for the Wi-Fi and play multiplayer games of super stick man golf. Generally by nine or 10 everyone goes up to their rooms to sleep. There wasn’t much to post about yesterday, and yet there was so much to post about yesterday. It was the middle of our time here, just past the seventh of 14 days. Much of what we did was slightly mundane to me, because it was what we had done for the past four or five days. But, if you would like to know what everyone else did, I blogged many of the details of yesterday on our family website:

Thus far the trip has been very tiresome, not to the point that we lose our vigor for the work, but to the point that our body begins to tell us that we should slow down and take more breaks. It’s just another challenge to put on top of the rest.

Since I didn’t post here yesterday, which was last night for me, none of you know that Mike Partain was sick. He still is, he has a fever and is showing the first signs of malaria. Please pray for him as he will likely miss out on the ministry of today, but also will feel rather down for the rest of the trip should this prove to be malaria. Today is children’s ministry, we will go to Nakatunya church again; it would seem that that is our main point of ministry other than Hope. Today is an organized VBS camp: much like the ones we do back home, except this one will almost exclusively take place outside. The entire team, except perhaps Mike, will take part in some way, either leading the kids around and being in charge of their group, or having one of the stations in managing games, snacks, arts and crafts, etc…

I’ll keep you updated on what happens. I’ll post tonight hopefully on the events of today, which will be your afternoon. I don’t post just because; I’ve tried not to make this one post a day rule become something that I just do. Every post should have a purpose, and the purpose of every post from Uganda is to really get you involved and engaged. I want you to have a love for these people like we do. I want you to know the work so that you will want to get involved. This is God’s work in Uganda, and I believe He will use these blog posts of mine to reach hearts and change the mindset of people to want to help others.

As always, thanks for reading and be sure to check out the Hope Missions International Facebook page for pictures, and also for more detailed information on the work continuing in Uganda!

–the anonymous novelist

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