Yesterday was a wonderful experience for our team in many ways. A lot of work was accomplished, souls were saved, bodies were healed, and the luggage arrived from Entebbe for the Atlanta team by the grace of God and the faithfulness of Japheth our van driver. Japheth left early Monday and drove 6 hours to Entebbe to retrieve the luggage, then turned around and came right back. He was a champ. Yesterday was also a bit of a downer: mom fell sick, Bro. Mike wasn’t feeling very well, the hospital team couldn’t perform the surgeries they had slated, and Wes Yarber’s guitar neck was split when it arrived. Pittance in light of the blessing we gave and received, but more fiery darts from the devil trying to destroy us and discourage us. Pray that we remain healthy and resolute, for I assure you, your prayers are what enables us and empowers us to do what we are doing here. By praying you can take part in the ministry.

Andrew is about to travel to Kampala today to pick up Vicki and bring her to us here in Soroti so that she can begin ministering and doing what God has called her to do. For me, today equals paint. Lots of paint. And it promises to be paint tomorrow as well, but others are sorting seeds for village ministries to distribute to the people who do not have anything to live off of or to generate income. The seeds will grow watermelon(not very sweet, but very pleasant), mustard greens(which they shred up in hot and cold slaws), cabbage(same story as the greens), beets, peppers, okra(which I’m excited about. I’ve never seen it in Uganda), tomatoes, and cucumbers!

More crafts supplies are being sorted and assembled inside the office building, and the younger members of the team are playing with the children as Mrs. Pam performs her magic on the walls painting animals.

It’s the 19th.

An update on Mom, she is on her feet and doing fine. She is still weak but may feel well enough to participate in some ministry today. I know her heart is here so it was hard for her to not be involved.

Sam and Ruth, our main contacts in Uganda had their baby. They had expected it to arrive while we were here and yesterday little Todd Allen Ebwongu was born. Hey named the baby after us because over the years we have helped Sam pay off the bride price or dowry for his wife Ruth!
This is a generational work, now that child will know about us and Hope Missions International. We have left him a legacy.

It’s exciting to see God move here in Africa! For detailed news, check out and follow the Hope Missions International Facebook page.

As always, thanks for reading.

–the anonymous novelist

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