Hello! I’m in wonderful spirits today, (not in the layman way; if you thought that, maybe you should go on a missions trip. I’m kidding, you should anyway.). Today is Sunday! Fellowship with God’s people, preaching of the Word, praise and power from God to His people imparted. He loves us. How He loves us!

We awoke early, went down to breakfast, and enjoyed some fellowship and a word of inspiration and devotion from David Coram. He spoke of being chosen in spite of ourselves that we would follow the Master and everyone would know we are His and He can use anyone. Not one of the men Jesus chose were priests or holy men. They weren’t spiritually good enough for the world, but such He chose: they were good enough for God Himself to use.

Today we climbed a mountain, the only mountain in Soroti; the only hill in Soroti, really. It’s around the area of 3,000 feet high and a modestly difficult climb for an out of shape guy like me. But, it wasn’t so much the climb as it was what God has waiting for us at the top. Dave got the chance to share his testimony with a man at the top of the climb, and the man gave his life to Christ there on top of the Rock. He found the Rock on Soroti Rock!

God prepared his heart for us and prepared Dave’s heart to notice the opportunity to share the love of God with him.

Tonight we all gathered together at the Sutton family’s house to share in a little taste of home as we had a form of American barbecue, shared in songs around a keyboard with some guitar playing, and just enjoyed being around each other. We went to bless the Suttons and encourage them in the ministry, but I believe God worked that blessing in our lives and simply multiplied it to the Suttons. We ended the night by praying for them as a group, taking turns asking God to bless and prosper them. Many of the team was overwhelmed by a movement of the Holy Spirit; as we reached out to God for the Sutton family, He touched our lives also.

The wifi is working for me, so I should be able to post from here onward. Should…. I should, but this is Africa and you never know.

As always, thanks for reading and follow my blogging on Allenministries.com for more details and updates, and the Hope Missions International Facebook page for pictures of the trip!

–the anonymous novelist

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