I woke up this morning an hour earlier than breakfast so that I could get a shower and still make it down stairs a half-hour earlier than everyone else. That way I could use the wifi for actual useful endeavors before everyone started hogging the bandwidth, which isn’t much. I was able to upload past posts to get things back on schedule and a few photos to Facebook for update purposes.

Caleb gave the devotion this morning, it was about removing the veil from the eyes of those lost in darkness, that they might see the light of Christ in us. Then we headed to Hope for more painting!

At one point, nearly every member of the team got involved in painting the bars on top of the wall. Several others painted the inside of the office side of the orphanage building and sorted materials for children’s ministry and a VBS program they will do for the children of Hope later today. I came away covered in paint from head to toe.

When you’re around the wall painting, there isn’t much else to do other than talk, Wes got hold of my Bluetooth speaker and we had a background of Jimmy Needham, Newworldson, and some straight up instrumental stuff. But many conversations took place; most of them pointless, but we don’t feel the need to stand on ceremony around each other, and God is using our unity to bring Himself glory!

Speaking of God’s glory: Melodie and Bekah Estes and Ms. JoJo were able to help a woman deliver a baby at the hospital today! Even better, there were seven decisions for Christ made at the hospital because our evangelism team shared the gospel with those waiting to be treated. It is a free treatment, but we want to heal them spiritually more than physically; however, we can do both.

As always, thanks for reading.

–the anonymous novelist

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