Last night was the longest night of my life… Well, maybe I’m exaggerating a little. I woke up a dozen times out a deep sleep to find I’d only been out for an hour or two. Getting to sleep wasn’t hard, but waking up every hour was odd and inconveniencing.

It may have something to do with the fact that I was using a folded towel for my pillow. Okay, I’ll explain. The room in which the three of my brothers and I are staying was short one pillow, but every person was give a towel for showering purposes. I decided I was too tired to argue over who has to sleep without the pillow, or to listen to anyone else argue, and I was beyond too tired to ask for one from the Guesthouse staff. So there I was, me and my towel on the first night in Africa, waiting for 6:45 to roll around so I could get down to breakfast at 7.

For you guys who are reading: no, it doesn’t take me 15 minutes to get ready, I’m a man, I can do it in 3 with or without a mirror and/or lights. However, I am blogging, journaling, and chronicling this trip for posterity and integrity, and ministerial purposes and would like to get there before everyone else; just so I don’t miss anything.

The day happened; it’s been busy y’all. I’m gonna be real here, my life isn’t all sunshine and unicorns, I face storms, this trip has met opposition, but I came here determined to help, to grow, and to minister beyond the most effect capabilities I posses. I’m adamantly set to this perception of the world where my worst days are not my worst days. The life I want to live a life of joy despite my circumstances: unbound by my surroundings, because joy doesn’t come from without but from within.

I’m listening to Britt Nicole “Lost Get Found” and Hawk Nelson “Diamonds” as we leave the Nile River and head to Soroti: the point of primary ministry for this trip. I can’t help but be encouraged but not because of what I’m listening to, but by the mindset I’m approaching everything with. This is a trip of transformation, I’m sure of it. This trip wasn’t just about ministry, not in God’s mind. Satan perceives more than Christians do sometimes; he knows when God is moving and wants to use someone.

Every trip has brought souls to Christ and helped better the lives of hundreds of people, none have met with this level of opposition. Something bigger than humanitarianism and evangelism is coming to our team this year. I believe God will make champions this year of all of us. I’m ready for a change, more than that, I’m willing to change. I pray God takes that desire and uses it to conform me to His image.

The rest of the team will arrive to a work already in progress in Uganda and in our hearts.

Miracle Moment!

God has worked a way for Victoria Cheramie to be able to join us his year. She was essentially told that it was impossible for her to take the trip this year after she missed her first flight out, but that’s not what God has for her or our team this year. She will join us mid week, a few days after the crew from Atlanta. I can’t wait to minister with these people!

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–the anonymous novelist

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