I was thinking about what I would post today, and I apologize for the lack of a post yesterday, –something got mixed up in the scheduling and post portal– but as I thought about what to post today, I considered just posting what I had for yesterday. But yesterday’s post was controversial: not on God’s day. I don’t want to stir up strife or rub fur the wrong way on the day we should be getting along as one body under Christ. I kept thinking about it until this situation sprang back to my mind and then I knew.

You see, there have been some things happening to people I’m friends with. There is a very tragic event that occurred to people who are very close to a good friend of mine. I won’t mention any names, I’ve learned to appreciate privacy know how much it would mean to these people, I’ll just say pray for them. Are young man, with his life ahead of them and a new start in Christ fell into a trap, a snare of the devil;he was unable to defeat the power of Satan in his life and therefore ended his life.

To me, especially right now at this time, the first several verses of John are comforting. Verses 1 and 2 essentially declare “in the beginning God”: before all, in all, and through all; He is, was, and will ever be. That’s comfort and security knowing there is a Sovereign and Master of all that is and is not.

Then in verses 4 and successive others we see God in the form of life: the light of men. From the Almighty and the Word, to the Word and the Light, God extends His power to earth to become intimate with His creation, personal, animate and real. The Light is comfort, protection, it is warmth and companionship. All the way to verses 12 and 13 the passage bespeaks the love and care of God over His creation, providing a bridge from sin and darkness through the way, the truth, and the life. God takes on many forms to seek and to save that which was lost. Why? Because all creation belongs to Him. Stray or stay, we are His creation and He loves us.

Sending the Word to give us light and life was an act of compassion toward mankind. Compassion that said He did not condemn us for what Adam had done. He gave us a way out of that life, the destiny of Hell and destruction. By sending the Word to us, God showed that we would not be held to account for the sins of Adam and of all His descendants, but that we would condemned ourselves if we would choose to reject His offer of absolution and salvation through repentance and faith in Christ.

These words mean God loves me. These words speak comfort, that I can rest in His omnipotence and grace; that I am not condemned unless I choose to be: the mercy of the Father is great.

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