Will you carry the cross to Golgotha, knowing what lies ahead.

Will you suffer the stripes of sins and shame beaten for crimes, flogged and slain.

Mockery made of with forgiveness on your lips.

Can you bear the weight of all mankind, the debt to be paid, the blood penance resigned.

In faith unfaltering, true and sure, rewarded by a thorny crown.

In selfless, helpless, trust of Christ, to bear your cross to death is life.

–Jared Allen

I watched the Son of Everlasting God die upon a cross at the place of the skull. I saw the marring of the lash, the cruel strokes that tore flesh from bone. I heard the cries of onlookers, helpless to defend their Christ. I saw the shoulder that carried the cross crushed ‘neath the weight of my sins: what a cost. The life of one for the love of all, in Him was the life of all men. He died to save; my debt was owed. He willingly forgave: His grace, my muse. He loved to death and then to life. Ever my peace shall rest in Christ.

What Christ did on the cross was a sacrifice for the sake of the world.

If you’re not familiar with this context, allow my to expound. Christ Jesus was God in heaven come to earth in a flesh and bone body. Jesus was entirely man, so He could show men how to live; yet, He was entirely God, so He could bear the sins of all mankind, endure more pain than any man has ever felt, to die and our sins with Him. He sacrificed His life for yours. Though He knew you, who you truly were, yet He still loved you, (Romans 5:6-8).

If the story ended their it would be nothing more than that, a story. But I’m not just meaning the story of the Christ, I mean also the story of the Christian. Think of this as a parallel universe, one thing that happens in one universe occurs on the other in a slightly different way. Jesus died, He was crucified; in like manner we should be crucified with Christ unto new life. For Christ did not remain dead. After 3 days in the grave of Joseph of Arimethea, a man who helped Jesus when He could not carry the cross to Calvary alone, Jesus rose in life, conquering death, hell, and the grave.

Take a look at Joseph of Arimethea very quickly and note how he bore the cross of Christ to Golgotha, and died with Christ as He surrendered to the Master upon the cross. Then he showed his faith in the Master by placing Him in his own tomb. Why is that faith? If Joseph didn’t believe that Jesus was the Son of God with power over death and life alike, he wouldn’t have offered his tomb to this radical Galilean. But Joseph did believe and placed Jesus in his tomb. Why; because if Jesus was who He said He was, Joseph wasn’t worried about the tomb, he would still get to use it himself for the Master wouldn’t stay there long.

Joseph carried the cross of Christ and nailed His life to it. Will you carry the cross knowing what it will cost? Just as the “rich young ruler” was told to take up his cross and follow Christ, (Mark 10:21), we are told to do the same. Everyone who wishes to follow Christ must first take up their crosses, going all in for the ministry by carrying their death through life. When we follow Christ we accept that we will die for Him and indeed we die daily, (1 Corinthians 15:31). Are you willing? Are you ready to take up your cross and follow Christ?

As always, thanks for reading.

–the anonymous novelist

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