I don’t know about you, but this world is downright childish at times: of course in immaturity, but also in basic desires. The mass media market is populated by kindergarten level consumers, seeking easy pleasure with no point or purpose. Think about what makes a kindergartener laugh; it’s never anything intelligent and purposefully humorous, it’s always silly: making faces, someone getting hurt, someone trying to scare them, (boo! Roar! Surprise! Etc…). This is what the general populace of movie watchers has degraded to. Not to say these people aren’t normal outside the theater, but the desires and standards of the film consumer has fallen to moral bankruptcy in the past several decades.

Is it the fault of the films or society?

That relationship is cause and effect, what occurs in one realm directly affects the other. The state of our society affects the film industry, and the film industry affects our society. In my interview with Dave Christiano¬†earlier this year, he made several statements on the impact of visual media upon our culture and society. I’ve found that Christian filmmakers have some of the most grounded, most adamant, even dogmatic standpoints on worldview in media and moral standards. This is how it should be, those we entrust to help guard our minds and eyes by producing wholesome, godly media should have non-issues on many things; they should be strict, stiff-necked, and resolute in their beliefs for they are responsible for the state of ours.

This is a heavy weight for filmmakers to bear. But the current state of morality in media is horrifically skewed and even portrayed as the villain. Death, pain, blood, and horror have become the most common and most popular areas of film.

We’ve reached the point where it no longer appeals if it doesn’t congeal.

This is the pathetic fault of society for succumbing so susceptible to the devil in media. We have compromised Christ in Hollywood for a feel-good, faith-based film. Movies were never meant to be faith-based, that’s like the big grey area of film. Movies are either Christ-centered or they are not. The content defines the film, regardless of message or intention, the content is the only voice that is heard. Why? Because the world is getting younger, not older. We are not evolving, we are deteriorating fast; getting less intelligent, less aware, letting movies think for us.

I would challenge the movie goers to wake up. but their brain-dead with blood lust. Have you ever tried to talk someone out of seeing a movie on any grounds moral or biblical? You’ll discover every time that someone who wants to watch a movie wont let a few immodest and immoral scenes or a handful of curse words and swears get in their way. You can’t reason with the brain-dead movie goer, they don’t see it; they refuse to see it.

I’m afraid the responsibility for redeeming the time falls upon the filmmakers to make movies that appeal to society and yet change the mindsets of their viewers in a positive, impactful way. So, this is a challenge to all filmmakers to amaze me. Wow me. I want to be blown away by your film, left thinking about what I just watched, and changed by your films. I am you best and worst critic because I have set the bar insanely high. I believe God can make films through you that exceed the quality and success of Hollywood blockbusters. Why not? We have the only message worth telling and the only One who can make it a success.

Amaze me! I believe you can.

As always, thanks for reading.

the anonymous novelist

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