What is it that every human wants? What is something that can’t be gained through financial success or earthly stature? What great lack do both the prince and the pauper have in common?

There’s a void that exists in the center of the human soul from the cradle to the grave. We are all born missing one piece of ourselves, like the jigsaw puzzle that you pull out every Christmas. There’s a part of us that we can’t find on our own, something that belongs to us that we need to be complete. Unlike the jigsaw puzzle, this is not something we’ve lost but rather something we’re missing because we are lost. In a sense, we are both the puzzle and the missing piece.

On the one hand, we cannot be complete until we have that one final piece in place. We cannot be satisfied, we cannot be perfect; we can only be a puzzle incomplete.

On the other hand, we are the lost piece that can’t be found. We have fallen away somewhere in the darkness in the depths of places people never search. Unless we can be found, we will never be a part of something bigger than just ourselves.

What does everyone want? What could every human possibly have in common that cannot be given or gained?


At the heart of all life there is a necessity, primal and innate to belong to something and to belong somewhere. Life without a purpose is the bane of many a brilliant man. If we don’t belong to something then we live for ourselves. The human soul is an insatiable cesspit of pleasures that cannot be appeased. We won’t ever stop pursuing our passions whatever they may be, and every man who has the liberty of a soft life to throw his wit and whimsy to the breeze and divulge his every whim has discovered a life for self is an emptiness not worth the living. As in “The Picture of Dorian Gray”, the selfishness of one man destroyed him from within.

Our emptiness is the most common and basic design flaws in the human being. God purposefully built design flaws into us, gaps and holes that could only be filled by Him. It was His way of engineering our need for a symbiotic relationship with Himself. By giving us a lack He formed in us a desire to find Him. We have a need to be filled with purpose and love: these are things the world knows naught of.

Why do sinners seek in avid rage the end of this curse of loneliness? Why is the rate so high for suicides and genocides? Because we all feel empty inside and grasp at every chance to fill that void: whether it be to drown our pain in alcohol, lose our minds to drugs, find pleasure in the arms of another human, or in the religions of the world. We always look in all the wrong places. God is in all of creation, He made us to need Him and caused Himself to be the ONLY thing that can fill the void within us. Whether we know it or not, God inside of us is what we all want.


Just to make you aware of our current situation, we were travelling from Omaha to Kearney, NE last night and a tire blew out on the bus tag axle. When I say that it blew out, I don’t mean that it went flat, it literally blew itself to shreds. Dad attempted to limp the bus to the next exit and the other tire on that axle blew out. Come to find out though, the tag axle on a Prevost has a feature that lifts it up off the road. It’s mainly used for heavy loads and whatnot, so it’s not even necessary to have it to drive. We will end up getting both tires replaced, but for now it’s not as bad as it could’ve been. Thank God!

As always, thanks for reading.

–the anonymous novelist

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