After a painfully long sabbatical from our normally active concert schedule we have jumped back into the swing of things once more. We sang Saturday night, last night at a church of some old friends in Nebraska. When I say old friends, I’m talking about more than just people we used to know back in the day. These friends were part of a group called gospel road and we traveled the same circuit for many years participating in the same events, and encouraging each other in the ministry. It’s been several years since that group has gone off the road but my family still comes to sing at their church. Now, in our 20th year of ministry I’m traveling around the world singing the gospel of Christ, we are back home here at Piedmont Park.
It’s always good to see old friends and be at a place where you feel comfortable and at home. Gospel road for many years was instrumental in encouraging eight young children singing with their parentsto continue in the work of God, to love the music and the people, and to keep Christ at the center of everything they did. Duane, John, and Luanne made up a group that became more than just singers, they were some of our best friends. Growing up we call them aunt and uncle, they were a major part of this ministry and how we got to where we are today. So it’s only fitting that we revisit these memoriesd and these people in our 20th year.

Back home. This is the heart of what I do, and what I do is the heart of who I am, and who I am is the heart of me. I’m coming back after a long time of being normal, even though my life for those two weeks without concert bookings was anything but normal, it was me as a normal person rather than me as a singer. When we don’t sing, my family doesn’t make any money. Singing is our livelihood, it’s our career and we often only treated as a ministry. However, when we’re not working, Which for us is singing concert, we don’t get paid that day or that week. When we don’t get paid, we don’t have money to put gas in the tank of the bus and the flash. But we don’t get paid we don’t have money to pay for our meals and hotel expenses. When we don’t get paid, And most importantly, we don’t have money to support the orphanage in Uganda that my family started.
This isn’t all about us, in fact, nothing about this ministry, nothing about our lives, my life has ever been about us. We exist on this planet as human beings to help others and to love God, And we love God by helping others and we help others by loving God. This life is an about us, and only when I’m doing what I should be doing, what I meant to be doing, my job as a human being and as a Christian do I fully realize that. I’ve come back to the heart of me, to the truth of who I really a.m. I am a servant, I do not live for myself, everyone who has been placed in my life up to this point has been there for the purpose of driving me to what comes next. God works all things together for good for them that love him and are calledaccording to his purpose. If we aren’t doing what we’re called to do, and what we’re called to do isn’t according to God’s purpose, then nothing will work out together for our good.

Only when we’re back to the heart of who we are doing realize what we’re supposed to be doing. Only when we’re doing what we’re supposed to be doing do you receive the blessings of God, the promise that all things will work gather for our good. God provides for those who follow him and obey him. That’s what I want to do. Looking back I see how he’s done that already through the people he’s place in my life, and that we haven’t sang two weeks, haven’t got a check into weeks. Haven’t got paid into weeks to support ourselves let alone the other ministries were a part of, We have faith that we are doing what we are called to do and all things will work together for our good. God will provide for us that we have no doubt, he’s been faithful for 20 years why would he stop now?

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