I’m in full throttle mode after a brief break from a self-imposed regimen of 3,000 creative words a day on top of what I write for my blog posts. It took me several hours before I entirely gave up on the idea of taking a 4 day break from this writing goal, and it has taken me at least thrice that time to engage my mind upon the idea again. Today was the first day of diving back into my arduous, yet necessary exercise in writing: I’m in relapse and it’s rough.

I know I’ve talked a lot about praising God through the storms, and praising Him for the storms in life. This is just one of those times that’s not good, but it’s not bad. It’s just tough; it’s just a transition for me that I really didn’t want to make. Kind of like getting out of bed early in the morning to hang out with friends, you know you want to do it, but it’s difficult to get started. However, I have this reassurance that once I get started, (and I know this from experience), I’ll just roll with it and everything will be okay.

Today, I want to talk about praising God in spite of the good circumstances. Writing is what I love to do more than anything else in the world. So the incorporation of writing into how I live my life, how I study God’s word, and how I relate and react to others is absolutely vital to my existence. To be the most effective person I can be I need to utilize my one intense passion so that it permeates everything about me. In this way I can be the most efficient and effective person possible, utilizing my gift for God’s glory.

If writing is what I love to do, and writing is what I need to do to stay on my 3,000 word schedule, then that’s not a bad thing. However, if resting and being lazy is what I want to do, and it revitalizes and rejuvenates me as a person, however lax it may make me, that’s not a bad thing either. What it comes down to is that I’m stuck between two things which are not either of them bad for me. This is a good time for me whether I stay or move, whether I transition or remain as I am, both ends will be beneficial and preferable to me. This is one of those times where I’m in limbo, I won’t suffer should I choose one or the other because I will find ways and reasons to be effective in both areas. In dormancy from my writing regimen I will be able to devote more time to my writing of blog posts and to the way I react and relate to the people around me. In stepping back from everything else in the world, I can devote more Time to making my 3,000 words a day the most effective words possible to bring the fullest impact possible.

Relapse is an interesting situation, there is no storm, there’s no conflict, there is no trial to praise God through or for. Thus, I need to find my reasons to praise Him in spite of the good circumstances. When times are easy, when the pressures of life seem distant we lose our necessity for the words of God and His comfort. It’s easy to praise God in the hard times because they’re relevant they’re real. The miracles He brings are real and the results are real; 1 million messages tell us to praise God in the hard times and He will comfort us through them: it’s easy to praise Him when things are hard. But, when things are easy and life is good we often overlook the fact that we are blessed.

When we take our blessings for granted we tend to forget prayers. Why praise God? He’s not doing anything for us. Well, He is, we just don’t see it happening as drastically as we do in the hard times. Everything about the good times is God, that’s what we’re missing, that’s what we don’t fully understand.

This isn’t a scolding. This isn’t even a lesson; I’ve told you this before. This may be more for my benefit then for yours, but it’s a reminder. Don’t forget to praise God in the good times because it’s in the good times that He can work through you and point you to what comes next. In the hard times our focus is directed to God simply for the alleviation of our current circumstances. However, in the good times when we praise God, if we focus our attention on Him, He can use that time to stir within us a passion for His Word and His ministry.

So, from relapsing writer, make the most of your time because your time is the most of you.

As always, thanks for reading.

–-the anonymous novelist

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