The dramatics, the hysterics we go through every day to make a show of the fact that we have been put out and we are inconvenienced, what is it all for? We human beings are so insecure that we feel like if were not whining, if we’re not complaining and making our voices heard then we aren’t important. Have you ever heard the expression, “it’s the squeakiest wheel gets the oil”? It’s an old southern expression that means the people who wine loudest, who make a big fuss over everything, they’re generally the ones that get catered to first.
This is true of the world, this is true of government and politics, and sadly, this is true of the church. The question I want to pose to us all today is:
Is the church holding back the church from being the most effective church that the church can be?
I overly emphasized the word church because it is the institution most vital to the vitality of this nation and in general, human beings.
Is the church holding itself back from being effective in the way Christ and God the father instructed it to be? Is walking around Target with a Bible, parading your family through the store and shouting Hell, fire, and brimstone the correct way to show God’s love to the world? Is it a viable option at all?
The main factor of this equation is that I’m not referring to Christians or implicating that the blame for this outrage against God falls upon them. This message is to the church. Not the church as it should be, but the church as it is. It’s time we wake up and realize that 98% of professing Christians have never led a sinner to Christ.
We need to realize that though 40% of professing Christians say they attend church, only 20% do so with any consistency, and 80% percent of so-called “Christians”, don’t even attend church. Christianity has become a fad; everyone wants to go to heaven but no one wants to surrender. It’s easy to be a Christian when life is easy, but when the pressure is on all professing Christians will be tried by fire: those who only pretend, their works will be burned away like dry grass, and those who’s commitment was true and surrender was real, their works shall be refined and emerge bright and shining crowns to lay at the Savior’s feet.
The church has a problem. The problem is that: church, (a local body of believers gathered together for the edification of each other and the glorification of God), has come to mean church, (a building people visit once a week to say that they are religious.

News Flash!

God doesn’t want your religion! He wants you life and nothing short of that is surrender.

The modern day church isn’t the biblical church anymore. That’s our first major issue. The second is that our definition of Christian, which means Christ-like, has come to mean “someone who believes there is a God”. I’m sorry, that’s not a Christian, that is a theist. Here’s my problem with nominal Christians: if you’re going to walk around and shout down judgment upon a corrupt and sinful corporation, by all means go ahead; but don’t do it in the name of my God. Where in that Bible you hold does it give you the right to judge or condemn? Where in that Bible you hold do you find ratification for defacing the whole of Christianity because you let your pride and anger dictate your actions?
Be not deceived, God is not mocked. His name will not be taken in vain in this way. Ye blasphemers, lay down the Holy Book that Man is not worthy to hold. Repent of your pride and arrogance thinking you could speak for God and His vengeance. He is the One Righteous Judge and the sin of Target is no greater in His eyes than your sin of blaspheming Him by swearing your will by His name.

Is the church holding back the church from being the most effective church that the church can be?

To know that, we must answer the question: are we Christians in name only, or do we claim the cross as our banner? Are we the servants of strife and contention, punching the church and Christianity in the face with our own bitter and spiteful actions? The problem is not with the church as it was meant to be, it’s with the church as it has become. The problem is not real Christians, but artificial pretenders. The church isn’t a building, Christianity is not a religious club.
My solution: when Christians start acting like Christ: reckless abandon to serve God with ALL of their lives, the world will see the truth. When the church functions as the church should, nothing will withhold it from being exactly everything God meant it to be. If everyone just did what they were supposed to, everything would be as it should be. Easier said than done I know, but there will be at least one person who is working to make this become reality. I can’t change the world, but we can with His help.
As always, thanks for reading.
–the anonymous novelist
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