Current events. What’s going on in the world? What does that have to do with us today?

Recently our president has brought history back to us. Barack Obama has publicly apologized for the American retaliation and bombing of Hiroshima. Wait, what!? He apologized for the retaliation of an unprovoked attack on US soil! No! We’re not apologizing for that. Never. Japan, unprovoked brought us into WWII in a preemptive attempt to prevent our involvement and frighten us into subjection. Pearl Harbor was hit December 7, 1941 and practically leveled. If that does not justify our attack at Hiroshima, what does? We are not a country that pays obeisance to powers simply because they demand it. We are the single greatest nation on the planet and we apologize to no one save God alone.
I’m sorry Mr. President that you were not aware we were still the United States of America. I’m sorry you have forgotten what weapon it is that you have been put in charge of. We are not the Surrendered States of America, nor are we the Apologetic States of America; no, we are one nation, under God: The United States of America and we fear, and we bow down to no other nation on earth.
Having pride in your country is one thing, but having pride in yourself is another. The current administration, no, I won’t even be that dignified. The blame for this does not fall on the administration, it falls on one man making executive decisions for the detriment of our country. Barack Obama is a prideful man, we all have some sense of pride. But our sense of dignity, and for Christians, humility towards God gives us the strength we need to overcome pride. The strength of our president’s pride is proof of his indifference towards God.
He’s shown it over and over again through his actions, he does not care about God, he does not care about the United States of America. He cares about the minoritiesĀ and himself; it’s interesting how often the interests of both coincide in their symbiotic relationship. I don’t like talking political, I don’t like being judgmental, but sometimes I’m pushed beyond what I like. Sometimes we are forced to step out of our comfort zone so that we can look back at the situation in which we stand. Apologizing for the defense of our freedom and the protection of American citizens is weakness and it’s fundamentally wrong.
Let me define a word for you really quickly.
President: in reference to the president United States, this word means the commander-in-chief of the military, whose purpose is to protect and provide for the American people.
When we are attacked, unprovoked, thousands of innocent people and soldiers killed, that is an affront to our freedom. I am glad, the United States of America are glad that there was a man in office who knew who he was, and with boldness defended our rights and our freedoms by showing our country strong; by not giving in to the threats of other nations.
When we lay down our guns, when we retract our forces, when we make the military a social experiment rather than the defense of our nation, we say to the rest of the world “come and take us”. It’s a proven fact that only rational beings can form rational agreements that have lasting effects. Treaties and deals with irrational leaders in Iran and Syria, that’s not strengthĀ and it doesn’t lead to peace. The Indians were the first to discover this truth: you can’t make an agreement with someone who holds a pen in one hand to sign the treaty and a knife behind his back and the other to stab you the minute you sign.
If we don’t start acting like Americans again, if we don’t believe in something, even if it’s just ourselves and our rights to liberty and freedom, then we will discover how it feels to have our land, our homes, and our freedoms taken away from us. It isn’t a question of our terms with Japan today, it’s a question of will our president do whatever it takes to defend this nation, even at the risk of putting himself and the political peace between the two countries in jeopardy? Governmental affairs should always take a backseat to the protection and security of this nation and its people. The president needs to get his priorities straight. Japan does not deserve an apology anymore than sinners deserve an apology for being condemned to hell. It was a willful act, it was done in spite of us, and they received their punishment for that crime. If anyone should be apologizing it is not us to them but them to us.
What’s done is done, it’s in the past. But what are we going to do about the future? To prevent things like Pearl Harbor from happening again, we should first prove to the rest of the world that we are not sorry for the retaliation we took as a result of that massacre. Then, we need to pick up our weapons again, deploy our troops and have presence among the countries of the world, and show the entire earth that we are still the United States of America.
As always, thanks for reading.
–the anonymous novelist
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