Dad’s side of the family is getting together for a family reunion in Kentucky this year, actually in the next 5 days. The plan is that we would be able to functionally live… or at the very least, sleep, in the bus by then. Time crunch is what we call this. Things are coming together. We have to prioritize what we need accomplished in the next 5 days. Today it was the closet, the air units, and a bit of plumbing. Last week it was windows, refrigerator, cabinet frames. It’s not progressing very quickly but it is progressing. We still don’t have a generator and likely won’t for several more weeks at least. However, here’s some of what we have accomplished.


This is essentially how we built the cabinet facings. We took those short, separator pieces and drilled angled holes in them using this tool that was like a vise-grip with the holes the led your drill down the perfect angle to not split the wood, and yet hold it together firmly. So, we drilled, glued the short pieces at both ends, and screwed them into the long ends with square head screws.

other picture

They looked something like this when they were screwed up in place. The other side was going to run over the counter top and so we built a frame for the microwave on that side.





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