I have a crazy weird and very hectic life currently. A few days ago I posted about how we lifted a refrigerator through a window on our bus as part of the construction project to build the entire interior. That’s been enough to keep us busy for a long time, but add to that travel, and concerts, and sleeping arrangements, and an impending Uganda Missions Trip and you have a busy life. Looking forward to Uganda though; this trip will be upon us in a matter of weeks. Right now I’m finding a bit of calm amid the storm in appreciating the specific beauty of nature God has gifted the vast diversity of the US. Appreciating the green and the life and the vibrancy of colors and creatures that we have the privilege to gaze upon and live amongst.

Nature was meant to be observed, studied, and appreciated because it points us to the Creator and exhibits His majesty and great power! Creation cries out, “There is a God!”. It’s inescapable. To walk on this earth, among God’s marvelous handiwork is grace and it is divine revelation of His nature and essence. It point us to the one we should serve and love for His goodness to the most despicable of His creatures. We all need a savior. That’s why we’re going to Africa to preach about Him and teach others how to follow Him.

They can see Him in creation, they know He exists, they just don’t know how to believe, they don’t know Him as anything but the Creator. We go to tell them that He is the Lord and Savior of every man. God is in creation. He is all around us and in us and through us, but until we allow Him to become Lord of us we can’t truly know Him as He is. We see Him in the bees, in the clover, in the grass, in the leaves, in the sky, and in the trees. Learn about them, look at them with fresh eyes of wonder for the handiwork of the Creator.

As always, thanks for reading.

–the anonymous novelist

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