Happy Sunday and welcome back. I hope you enjoyed the weekend as much as I did. There was a lot going on and much of it I’m still processing, but I feed on negative and positive energy alike when it comes to writing.

Today is Memorial Day. Today is a day when we remember those who gave their all for the freedom of this country. Though they may be dead, their spirit lives within us all as free Americans. We live because they died. Today we remember their sacrifice.

What does this day mean to you as a citizen of a free nation? Men and women who served and gave their lives did so without regard for themselves. Looking back, they gave their lives so that others might have a future. We look back not to anchor ourselves in the past, but to push us forward to what’s next. This day is a headstone, a memorial for the ones brave enough to stand up and fight for you before you even existed. Why? Because they believe that all men deserved to live free, with the right to worship how they pleased.

So, as we look back on their sacrifice we should learn and look ahead to the future, because history repeats itself as they say. There may never be another Vietnam War, there will never be another WWII, but there will always be men and women who will recognize their duty as Americans, and with courage step up to defend this nation against all enemies.

For this reason, those who gave their lives will never die to us because their spirit of true patriotism is immortal. Call them heroes if you like, for they were brave and gave their all, but they don’t see themselves as heroes because they did what any country-loving person would. A sacrifice of their life for the lives and freedom of others was a small price to pay for such great gain. We don’t salute them because they died, but because they were willing to die for us. A love so great that it would cause you to die for your fellow man is what the spirit of the United States of America was founded upon. These men and women didn’t care what your politics were, your ethnicity, or your religion. That didn’t factor into their decision. They died for you because they loved you and they loved this country: that was all they needed to know.

On this day the souls of soliders, fallen while standing up for truth,

On this day we recognise that giving their all was a light thing to do,

It wasn’t easy to leave family, the only life they’d ever know,

But gladly did they march to death: freedom to bestow,

On this day we cry in pain, remembering the warriors lost,

On this day we experience liberty their sacrifices bought,

On this day the blood runs red, our heroes to comemorate, 

From this day till days come to an end, let us never cease to celebrate.

Someone died for you before you even asked for help. They gave their all to defend and protect you before you were able to defend yourself. For the love of their God, their country, and their fellow man, our soldiers marched, fought, and fell. Freedom was the price for their lives, and their lives, the price of our freedom. Look back, see those who laid down their lives for you and this country, and remember.

As always, thanks for reading.

–the anonymous novelist

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