Hey everyone, I’m back to normal; hopefully. I know I’ve been a bit careless, a tad intense, and maybe even offensive in the way I’ve been articulating these posts recently. I have had very little time and inspiration to do these, but that is no excuse for my actions.

Well, now that that is out-of-the-way: many of you know that in the late months of 2014 a pilot episode of what was supposed to have been a series on my family aired on TLC. Since then, things have happened. Many things are different, and it’s thought-provoking, and mildly disturbing to see how far we’ve come since then; also to see the things that haven’t changed.

This year it seems we’re making a tour of all the places we visited in 2014, many of them significant. Last night we sang at the church where the filming originally began for that pilot episode, (which is now being called a “special”). It is where we met most of the crew for the first time who would be practically living with us for the next few weeks. This is where things started. But more than a dozen, close to a score of places where we were during the filming, we have visited over the course of this year. It’s sad, because many of the crew had become friends. It’s nostalgic, because it seems so long ago that all of this took place, but it hasn’t even been two years ago.

We’ve come so far in the past 22 months. Since the filming of “Home Sweet Bus”, (the special on TLC), We’ve had 13 children find hope and a family at our orphanage in Uganda, Africa. Since the filming we have wrecked a bus and purchased a new one. Since the filming, my oldest sister got married. Since the filming, our lives have changed and we have experienced the hand of God in mighty and astounding ways. These last 22 months have been a nigh unbelievable journey. I wrote a book, Josh acted in his first feature film, Caleb and Steff had another little boy. Life has moved on since TLC.

Really, I believe God took that opportunity away for several reasons. At first, it was awkward to experience the fame, however brief it was. At first it was all-in for God, and make His glory our #1 priority. But then, it was the spotlight, it was a smoke and mirrors trick: give God glory, get all the fame. I’m not saying this on behalf of my family, this was just me. The lights of stardom can often blind us from our goals we were so sure we would hold to before we were “famous”.

We’ve moved on, regretting the loss of an opportunity to make Christ known, but accepting that He didn’t need a TV show to do that. We’ve become wiser, more committed, more focused. It helps to remember that we did not seek out this chance to be on national television. The Lord gave it, and the Lord has taken it away. Does that mean I don’t believe He can revive this opportunity and use it again for His glory? No. It means I have faith that whatever happens, He will do what is best for me, my family, and the furtherance of His kingdom and glory.

I’m still living a bit of nostalgia, but with no regrets, and no remorse. God will do what God will do. I trust Him whatever may happen, and can’t wait to see what He does next.

As always, thanks for reading.

–the anonymous novelist

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