Hey everyone, I’ve been reading some of my buddy Joshua Jenkins blog recently and there was never a more outspoken San Antonio Spurs fan than he. Joshua recently married a very close friend of mine who I’ve known almost as long as I’ve been alive. He’s a cool guy, very passionate about things he is for and very adamant about things he is against. Joshua has a blog primarily for religion and sports, which I happen upon often in my Twitter browsings. He recently posted about how the Spurs taught him the gospel. It was such a neat perspective on things, that I thought I’d write on a similar line and bring my own perspective to the court.

Ladies and and gentlemen, welcome to the NBAA(National Basketball Assossiation Analysis).

I’m watching the OKC/Warriors game in a hotel room. The crowd is cheering, the players are giving it everything they’ve got, and yet the Warriors have 31 point lead. Curry is great, he is a straight-up ringer, he has God-given talent and recognises that. God has blessed this man with great skills. But, one man does not a team make. Steph Curry is not the Golden State Warriors, he is one of them, but not the team. By himself he wouldn’t get far against a team of Thunder, certainly he would not be ahead of them by 30+ points.

The thing is, the fans don’t cheer for one man, they cheer for the entire team. A basketball team is a picture of the Body of Christ. One player may be the shot taker, one might be the shot caller, which, is the same thing if you’re James Harden. One player might be the rebounder and another the assist man, the fifth guy is the defensive powerhouse for blocks and steals. The shot taker may have 20 points but only get 2 assists or 1 blocks; the defensive powerhouse may get 7 blocks and 5 steals but only score 2 points. Every member is neccesary to the success of the team,  but you can’t judge success in terms of points.

The player who scores the most points is not always the MVP, sometimes the guy with the least amount of points is the most important part of the team. Not every Christian can be a frontline, showboat evangelist or missionary. Some of them need to be in the trenches, standing in the key waiting to snag the rebound before the opposition get to it. Some of us are needed to support the showboats, assisting them in their efforts, encouraging them in the faith. There are many member of one team, they all perform different functions that are vital to the success of the whole team.

Now, I’ll stop my comparison here because no man made thing is perfect, every earthly thing is fallible. The Body of Chirst cannot be perfectly compared to anything else, for there is nothing entirely like it in existance. But, it is the greatest team ever assembled.

This was fun. Maybe we’ll talk some real sports sometime. For now, enjoy the NBA finals, I hope your team wins, and I don’t care what you say, the Toronto Raptors should not be part of the National Basketball Assossiation. It’s not the International Basketball Assossiation. I don’t even think there are any Canadians on the Raptor’s team. Not that I don’t like Canada, but it would be a shame if a Canadian team won our national basketball tournament. I’m not knocking Canada,  they gave us Steve Nash who was all-pro and a great player, but we should at least change the name of the assossiation to something more general to include these foreign teams.

If you’re not into basketball or sports, you can always leave me a comment requesting a different topic for another day. I want to write what you would like to read, so all suggestions are welcome.

As always, thanks for reading.

the anonymous novelist

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