I was scrolling down my Facebook feed last night, mindlessly searching and purposefully praying for inspiration to jump from the lifeless words on my screen. It’s a habit I have been in the custom of keeping when long hours of work, pressure, and distraction have drained my creative stimulation for the day. I needed a post for this morning and had nothing prepared. Several thoughts leapt to mind and I had even written portions of posts before scrapping the ideas altogether. So, I wandered Facebook and asked God for something, anything.

Thank God for friends like this. Guy Batton is a close minded friend of mine who always happens to pull through when I need him most. This time even without knowing it. I ran across this post last night and stopped on it for several minutes, pondering and thanking God for it. It was a reposted message he had written back in 2012, a dream he had for the future: his prayer for his life. This is what I read:

I pray that my life can be used to do something meaningful. And not like… “oh, you held the door for someone!” or ” oh, you gave a homeless person clothes.”
I want to change nations. Move mountains by my faith alone. I want to live on the edge, live the impossible. I want to really, truly, fully live. Even if it causes my death.

He then, followed the post with a comment of how his point of view had changed since the time of the original post, and he wrote this:

I now see that, in light of the eternal kingdom of God, my little things like holding the door for others have significance and meaning because God doesn’t plan to simply scrap this world, but to bring Christ’s kingdom to it. Praise God that people aren’t doomed to be stuck in the errors of their ways.

That stopped me dead in my tracks. This was a message. This was something people struggle with. This was what I needed to write about.

Do the little things we do make a difference? Is Guy right? Was he right before? What manner of heart does God prefer? Sometimes I believe that God wants us to reach as far as we can see, and dream beyond as far as we can reach; that God wants creative, imaginative, inspiring people to bring His message to the world in the most efficient and effective way.

Then other times, I believe God likes using the humble, the simple, the average and ordinary folk. But which is it? I’ve always heard that if you want to make God laugh, then tell Him your plans. But does God really care so little about what we think and what we aspire to be that He would make mockery and sport of us? No. We were not created for God’s amusement, but for His pleasure.

So does God mock our plans? No, He loves us and cares about what we do and what we think we want to become. He loves a yielded and surrendered heart. He loves spontaneity for He says to be instant in season and out of season, to always be ready to give a defense and an answer. But, He also loves using our plans for His glory. Our plans for God’s purpose is called vision. Vision meaning a plan of future ministry for God’s glory. God loves to use the spirited, the bold, the dreamers, the visionaries. But He also seems to choose the meek, the underestimated, the lowly, and the downtrodden.

You’ll find that the best way to make yourself useful and available is a mixture of vision and spiritual brokenness. We must realize our spiritual depravity and daily die to ourselves, asking for God to make our plans His purposes.

God also says to despise not the day of small things. So, the little things like holding a door, a kind gesture here, a helping hand there, they really do matter to God. But, what’s more important, a willing heart, or a vision for the future? Well, both are necessary, we need to see beyond ourselves to the future and how God would use us, but we also should not shun the small things that get us to that point. If we are faithful over few He will make us ruler over many.

See, our plans or our flexibility and availability are not as important as our willingness and our surrender. Give your plans to God’s purpose and allow the vision to overtake you. Move mountains with your faith, but if you have not love, even in something as small as offering a cup of water or holding a door in His name, you have nothing. Christ wants you, all of you. Your plans, your lack of plans, and your simple acts of kindness when given to God, can be your greatest purpose. God will use you in whatever way He will use you. Just surrender.

As always, thanks for reading.

–the anonymous novelist

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