A picture is worth 1,000 words… So they say. But, I think a word is worth 1,000 pictures. Even so, every picture has a message. Every picture says something, even if that something is that you accidentally took a screenshot or picture of the floor: it is saying something. When I look at pictures, I see something different in them. Something real and yet surreal, an inner purpose, as if the image can speak into my soul. What do is see when I look at pictures? img_0687-3
I see family.

I see joy.

I see endurance.

I see brokenness.

I see life.

I see strength.

I see emptiness.

Life travels at 1,000 pictures a second. If every picture speaks 1,000 words, we wouldn’t hear what any of them were saying. But, I think life is much simpler than that. If we stop for a second to find the word hidden in a picture, we can see the individual beauty of each one. 1,000 words may be expository, but only one word can encapsulate the message within the picture. Words are cheap, images are even more so. But if a word can explain the depth of an image, and that image was created or captured for the depth of one’s emotion to portray, they become invaluable.

God gave us eyes to see, and mouths to speak. When we see His creation testifying of the glory of its Creator, our praise should be all the more. If a picture has power, why not use it. But, don’t cheapen it with a 1,000 word description. What it means to someone else may not be what it means to you. Keep it simple. Tell the message. Let the Creator tell His story.

As always, thanks for reading.

–the anonymous novelist

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