Today is Monday. I have been struggling a little with writing a post for today because there’s this pressure to be inspirational, to be spiritual and uplifting. The funny thing is, pressure always seems to fall on me, and never seems to fall on God. Why is it that I’m the one worrying? That I’m the one pressured? That I’m the one who feels the responsibility to deliver something motivational ? Could it be that I consider this my blog, that I consider these my ideas, that I think I’m the one who does this? Well, I’m not. So I can get that thought out of my head. 

This Monday, rather this Sunday, (because that’s when I’m writing this), is all about disappointment. Disappointment in myself, for spending an entire day wondering how I was going to write something motivational; wondering how I could bring the most effective message; wondering how I would find a story, a topic for Monday morning that would move and motivate you. Notice all the “I”s in that last statement and you may understand why I’m disappointed in myself. Somehow, I’ve made this post, this day, about me rather than about God.

If this blog is truly for His glory, then He will bring the ideas. If I’m truly writing to make His name known, then the inspiration will come from Him. Worry’s just another word for a lack of trust. So, don’t worry. Have faith.

On blog days, which occur everyday, I learn something; and it’s not always directly related to a message in a sermon, or to something that occurs in the concerts when I am lifting up the name of Christ. It’s the spirit of the day that inspires me and lifts me up. I then translate that to you through these posts. Why should I worry if I am truly trusting God for my inspiration?

These posts are the themes of my days. When I write them, it is under the influence of what I have done, what God is leading me to do, and the grace of a new day on the horizon. So, today’s theme is relying on God for everything, even down to what I write and the things I say. Are you trusting God to set the vibe for your day? What theme does this Monday have for you?

As always, thanks for reading.

–the anonymous novelist

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