We have been in Myrtle Beach, SC since the beginning of this week and it has rained every single day. On Sunday we parked the bus at a church where we were singing that night, and they graciously allowed us to work on it while we are in town.

The rain has been brutal for the past several day. More than a few times we have had to pack all of the tools and wood back in out of the rain only for it to let up 10 minutes later. Yesterday we were almost rained out completely, and even left the work site for the day because the conditions were so bad.

We tried to move everything inside the gym, but hauling wood back and forth through swamp land in the rain wasn’t something we felt like doing. 

So, we gave up on work for the day. But, only a few hours later the rain let up for good and we went back to see how much work we could cram into the rest of the afternoon. It wasn’t much, but over the last several days of work, things are starting to come together.

On the right side are shelves for the bunks. The left side base was framed out and would soon have a sheet on top to match the rest.

We were also able to work on the ground skeleton on the back bathroom area. Building a framework for the platform of the shower and toilet. The pipe has just been added as we’ve gone along.So, lots of work left to be done, but at least we have a start on where we will sleep. Next I think we should install air units. Without them, the bus can become a microwave on a hot day. It’s coming along, slowly, but at least it’s moving. As things get built, I’ll post more pictures and updates.

As always, thanks for reading.

the anonymous novelist

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