Hey everyone, today I’m reviewing a short film. That’s a bit of a break away for me, but I couldn’t resist.

“The Butterfly Circus” is quite possibly the most inspiring short film of all time. It’s a fiction work, but is the story of Nick Vujicic, a man who was born without limbs. 

The film is about a circus sideshow attraction named Will, the limbless man. Will has been told his entire life that he is worthless, half of a man, “a man whom God Himself has turned His back upon”. But, when Will begins to see that our differences are what make us special, and discovers how God can use his incredibly unique situation for His glory, he begins to believe in himself, and in God.

This short film is magnificently put together. It’s the story of how Christ redeems us from ourselves to His purpose.

“The greater the struggle, the more glorious the triumph.”


Surprisingly, as old as this film is, and for a Christian film, the acting is not only unobtrusive, but is nigh flawless. Every role is picture perfect, and no character is without purpose in the story to prove a point. 


Both of these key elements were brilliantly done. The score complimented the climactic elements which were brought about chiefly with the use camera angles. This project could almost be called a handbook for how to make a short film. There was hardly a mistake I could find in the many times I’ve watched it.


These always go hand in hand, as the worldview is based upon the story and the story centers around the worldview.

The story was built out of a single thought and inspiration message: no matter what your circumstances, God can use you. As worldview-ish as that seems, that wasn’t the worldview or even the message, it is simply the story. The message was that God not only can but wants to use you. The overall worldview was that it takes someone believing in you for you to believe in yourself.

Will believed the lies he had heard his whole life, until someone told him he was better than a nothing. From a story where God’s grace is manifested in a circus showman, (seeking the broken and outcast), a message is displayed in the lives of each member of the circus, (redemption from their past to a glorious future), and a worldview of a man finding his worth, (realizing God can use him), we see the true reason “The Butterfly Circus” is such a powerful film: it is us. It’s you and me, our stories, our lives. 

Once upon a life, everyone feels they are worthless, that’s when God breaks us and shows us we are worthless for anything but bringing the ultimate glory to Him through our circumstances. No matter what you think you are, or what people say about you, you have a purpose in God’s plan. You can be His champion if you believe He is yours. Let Christ fight your battles and He will bring the victory in and through your life.

I highly recommend you watch this short film and be encourage and inspired by it. I don’t do this for almost anything, but I give it 10 stars!

As always, thanks for reading.

–the anonymous novelist

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