We didn’t get a ton of work accomplished in building the bus yesterday, so I’ll just post three pictures of the same thing. 

These are basically rafters on which to build the drop ceiling on. Up in those rafters will run the air ducts, lighting, and whatnot.

There is about 2 1/2 inches of clearance to work with up there and the ceiling will still be about 6’3 or so. The bus itself is a bit over twelve feet tall with the raised roof, so there should be plenty of room to work with.

Those wooden brackets were a pain to make, and there were so many of them. We had four to a beam and six or seven beams. Today was fun.

That video is the start of something I’m calling “Songs For The Blog”. Whenever I can, I will post these videos to help you get the message of my post. Some of the songs will be original… This one is a Gold City song. If you’d like to hear the rest of it, you can look up either Gold City or Austin and Ethan.

“What kind of life would I be guilty of…”

That’s my favorite line in the whole song. Because just the chorus alone sounds like a living for Christ song and doing the right things… But this line adds the dynamic of being sheltered and protected by God’s love. What kind of life would we be living if we had not accepted Christ’s gift?

We live by the grace of God, it’s conditional that if He spares our lives His wrath, we must live for His glory. We should want to. Everything: building a bus, singing, teaching, hanging out with friends, listening to music, going to the movies, eating, sleeping, and everything we do should be done to the glory of God; for its only by His grace we can do those things.

Just a thought for today, not a theology or theory… Just a simple thought that could change the world.

As always, thanks for reading.

–the anonymous novelist

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