We are in North Carolina and have a few days of free time. So, what do you do when you have a day off from work? You work. Right now, living is a full time job. Between building the bus, singing, and blogging, It’s hard to find time to do anything else.

With several days where we can work on the bus, we parked it at a church near our hotel and basically took over their carport area. Lumber and tools all had to come out of the bus, which was a big job all by itself.

This is probably the most updated picture of the interior of the bus. It’s still pretty much just the raw wood, but you can see some wall structure going in as the skeleton of the inside is being built.

This is a shot from the back of the bus looking out to the front. Some closets are being built and rooms being framed. It’s pretty simple stuff… Until you realize that everything you’ve done so far is not square or level…

Yikes! At first, it was just the bowed wood that made everything not center or be square. So, we took a string line to it. 

But, because the bus has an air pressure leveling system, and the front airbag has a leak, the bus leans forward. This caused our string lines to be incorrect. So, much of today was spent fixing things.

We did manage to get the supports in place for the shelves that the bunk beds will rest on, and started building the support from the front bathroom countertop; found the air leak, fixed all the squaring issues… It was a busy day.

Life has been interesting, and it’s been difficult for me to find time for what I consider to be really important. I find that the things I really care about are the hardest to fit into my schedule. I hate having to make room for the most important things… But does that mean they are not the most important things? If I’m not prioritizing them, does that mean I really don’t care that much about them?

The big, time-consuming things are big and time-consuming for a reason. The problem is finding out why God put these circumstances into your life and why they are taking the most of your time; then learning from them and using them. God didn’t make them the main thing in your life for you to have to work in the important things around them. They are important, you just need to find out why.

As always, thanks for reading.

–the anonymous novelist

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