Whatever you want, you first must give away. The way life works is what you sow you reap. Whatever you cast upon the water will return to you. That which you give, you will get.

You are a channel of dispensation. What goes out through you will return to you. You are responsible for what comes through your channel. Let’s take a look at what it means to be a channel. 

If we’re talking about the waterway channel, they are created to bring things from one point to another. A channel joins two bodies of water and is large enough for most sailing vessels to traverse. The channel was created and is responsible for carry things from one place to another. In human terms that means souls to Christ; sinners from darkness to light: from death to life. 

A channel can be responsible for transportation, or it can be responsible for transmission. The channels you watch on television bear messages one direction, from a broadcasting station to all who would tune in. The channel bears the message from one place to another. Interestingly enough, the channel is not responsible for how many people watch, only that the message makes it to their televisions.

A channel doesn’t create its own message, it transmits someone else’s. But the channel is charged with the message and must make sure that only that message is shown. The channel doesn’t have a say in what it broadcasts, it’s opinion doesn’t affect what airs. But the channel is responsible that no message other than that of the station  is broadcasted.

You are a channel. You are responsible for displaying the right message to those who see you. What network are you with? What message is being broadcasted through your station? Are you allowing a message to flow through you?

The biggest misconception among Christians today is about the purpose of the Christian life. What is the purpose of a Christian? Is it to win the lost to Jesus? To go to church and praise God? Or to become missionaries? Well, yes and no. The purpose of Christians is to lift up Christ that all men might be drawn unto Him. We are to proclaim or broadcast Christ to the world that they might see Him, hear Him, and feel Him in everything we do. We are the channels that God works through, and we need to always be available to broadcast His message to the world.

As always, thanks for reading.

–the anonymous novelist


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