You know who you are, but who you are doesn’t make you an idiot. What you do makes you an idiot. I’ll be using some very strong words in this post, and to be completely clear in my meanings, I’d like to define them from the start.

Pervert: alter something from its original state to a corruption of what was intended.

Desecrate: treat a sacred place with violent disrespect.

Man: an adult human male.

Woman: an adult human female.

Idiot: a stupid person.

Those are all fairly straightforward, but the one I want to start with is: idiot. That is the litteral definition of the word “idiot” from the New Oxford American Dictionary. Even the definition is… Well, stupid. Synonyms of idiot are: ignorant, stupid(obviously), unintelligent, and mentally handicapped. So, what do you call it when a major department store, and let’s just say for argument sake that this store is Target, starts allowing men identifying as women to share a restroom with actual women? Based upon the definitions we just looked at, I would call Target(the management), idiots.

First things first, even should a man say that he is a woman, we still consider him a man who says he is a woman and not a woman. Therefore his, “gender identity” may be woman, but he is still a male who identifies himself as such. The real point is that being a man and being a male are slightly different. Male is a position, not just a moniker. Whereas the word man is a distinction from other created beasts that can technically mean both male and female: “So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.”, (Genesis 1:27 ), the words male and female are not. 

Female is a gender title that refers to the position in reproduction, and the make and model of the appearance and functionality of a person. Male, likewise refers to a specific role in reproduction and operates entirely opposite, but in complete compatibility with the female. You can’t change your gender, it is biologically, biblically, and ethically impossible. God, as well as nature forbids it.

At the very least, for such perverts there ought to be a third restroom designated. And I use the word pervert in the strongest possible sense. Not only are these humans perverting God’s plan in the most disgusting way, they are perverting nature and even our government. 

This issue, for which we can hold the transgender crowd alone responsible, is causing strife and contention between the once united States, even greater than the election of President Obama. It is the single most destructive movement whose purpose is to attempt to pervert and desecrate the United States, Christianity, and the order of the world. It’s as if they’ve painted a target on their backs that says, “kick me”. Something like we would do as kids as a joke, and laugh about how stupid the person was to not notice. Idiots deserve to get a good kick in the pants. But are they idiots…? Or are they idiot geniuses? 

Without intending to, this freak of nature movement has endangered the safety of all the nations. They have painted a target upon the heads of the world. You thought Sodom and Gomorrah got it bad for their abomination, think of what would happen to the United States of America, or the UK, or Canada, or Germany, or Japan, or Nigeria if this movement took over. God’s wrath would be so hot upon that country you would feel it in Antarctica.

But, back to Target: why stop there? Why not have species neutral restrooms? Just so we’re not discriminating of course. Why not specify that murders, rapists, child abductors, cannibals, sexual perverts, and all other manner of sinners are allowed into the women’s restroom? Simply because an idiot “believes” that they are something does not make it so. If I told you I was a 5’4 African/American Jewish Imam from Switzerland, you would stare blankly and then walk away. Why? Because what I told you would be so absurdly skewed and twisted that you would think me insane.

Yet, even that statement above would be more realistic than a male by birth, nature, and ordinance of God to physically be able to change his gender. Are we really that stupid? I almost can’t believe it.

Target has been a sick example of the drastic decline in moral values in the world today, but mainly in the US. The fact that we even have this problem of transgender, perverted idiots, who are obviously ignorant of God’s law, or indignant of it, is a sign of the end of time. Christ’s coming is near, sinners need to repent. This sickness in our souls, this befouling in our spirits can only be cured by the gospel of Jesus Christ, which is power of God unto salvation to them that believe. There are no grey lines, there is no such thing as neutrality. Choose a side: believe God or die.

For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.

–Romans 6:23

As always, thanks for reading.

–the anonymous novelist 

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